The Highwire Daze Best CD of 2010 Survey

Welcome to the Annual Highwire Daze Best CD of 2010 Survey.  For the last month, we’ve been sending random emails to various bands and their publicists asking the crucual question of the hour, which is…

What was your favorite CD of 2010 and why?”

A wide array of musicians answered ranging from the pop punk to the most extreme of metal.  An ecelectic mix up – something we here at Highwire Daze have been most famliar with in the passsing of time.

Most answered with a single CD selection and a reasoning why – a few chose more than one to bestow their tributes upon.  Fenriz from the mighty Darkthrone selected a whopping 30!

And so, Highwire Daze presents to you what band members had to say in regards to their Best Pix of the year.  Read on…

And The Bands Present Their Selections…

Tyler Chadwick of Ace Augustine
My favorite album of the year has to Underoath‘s “Disambiguation.” It’s full of intensity and harmony but really it’s its own brand in itself. It’s filled with passion and they did it with a ton of controversy surrounding the departure of the last original member of the band. While a setback, the cd still killed it and has more emotion and intensity than you can imagine. Plus, it’s also really catchy.

Andrew Seward / Against Me!
Best CD of 2010! I have come to this conclusion by the vast amounts of times I have heard (and enjoyed) this in 2010.
Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack. No, I am not kidding. This soundtrack flat out rules (as does the game)! From the spaghetti western instrumentals to the always incredible William Elliot Whitmore performing “Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie“, this soundtrack strikes a nerve. A good nerve. It also came out on Double Red Vinyl. It rules. Enough said.

Petie Pizarro of Amely
Taylor Swift
Speak Now : Impressively written by Taylor herself
Neon TreesHabits : One of my favorite new bands
Envy on the CoastLowcountry : Amazing southern influence
VersaEmergeFixed at Zero : Cinematic and brilliant

Joe Kirkland of Artist Vs Poet
The new Taylor Swift album! It is amazing, every melody and every song haha.

Jonny Hetherington from Art Of Dying
My favorite album released in 2010 is “Life Starts Now” by Three Days Grace.
3 Days continues to grow on each record while staying true to the sound that has made them a staple in rock music.
We worked with the same team on our record, (Howard Benson and Chris Lord-Alge) so I spent a lot of time listening to “Life Starts Now” as a fan, but also as a measure against our ruffs and mixes… kind of a unique listening experience.
Lyrically, Adam has taken a more positive approach, which I personally gravitate towards. The songs seem to come from a very honest place. Musically, it’s deep and mature but also refreshing.
Check out “Last To Know“, absolutely haunting melodies over a mostly piano driven song. This direction is something I’d love to hear a lot more of from 3DG. “Lost In You” is another departure for the band, and one that I find humming far too often.
Over all this album dips into new territory and continues to rock fucking hard! I’m not sure why, but I love listening to this record by myself. It’s been my workout partner for a lot of 2010.

Taylor Jones from As Hell Retreats
I think that is a very tough question, only because of the amount of amazing records that have been put out this year. I really wish this was a top 3 sort of deal but here we go. I personally think the best album of 2010 would have to be My Epic`s “Yet“.
Not only is the music simply phenomenal, and just has everything you can truly want out of that type of record, but that record also helped me personally in my life with things I was going through and really helped me look at the bigger picture. Still to this day I can pop that CD in and blast it all day long and it will never get old. I hope that those guys will never stop making music, just because they are simply so good at what they do. Thanks My Epic!

Various Members from As They Sleep
Aaron Bridgewater:
Jimmy Buffett… Because I’m a parrot head.
Tony Lukitsh: Veil of Maya… Because it’s one of the most diverse metal albums of the year.
Derek Kosiba: no favorites…Too many to name haha.
Barry Gomez: Veil of Maya… It’s a different sounding band. Super on point with unique wrifs.
Nick Morris: August Burns Red… I really like the song writing. And my mouth is like a grenade.

Chad Sugg from Backseat Goodbye
My favorite CD of 2010 is Steel Train (Self-Titled). Not only is every song great both musically and lyrically, but this is a great example of a band recently freed from a well-known label and is now doing just fine on their own.

Janne Perttilä (Barren Earth’s guitarist)
Eparistera Daimones. Tom G’s new band doesn’t let down anyone who thought Monotheist was one of the greatest comeback albums in metal. Gloomy, majestic and beyond heavy – with soul and dedication!

Evan from Destruction Of A Rose
“in my eyes hands down BEST album of 2010 is DeftonesDiamond Eyes“. I dont need any explanations, its the Deftones, and if you have the album, or have heard it then you should already know. But, a very close second has got to be As I lay Dying’sThe Powerless Rise“.”

Fenriz of Darkthrone
MURDERESS (Usa) – the last thing you will see…
KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR (Spain) – war of the voivodes
AUTOPSY (usa) – the tomb within
ABSCESS (usa) – dawn of inhumanity
ENSLAVED (Norway) – axioma ethica HOUDINI hahaha
GHOST (Sweden)
MASAKARI (usa) – the profit feeds
KNUSTE RUTER (Norway) – gjennom veggene
DISHAMMER (spain) under the sign of the d-beat mark
BOMBUS (Swe) – S/T
ENFORCER (Swe) – Diamonds
CAUCHEMAR (Canada) – le verge noire
SMOKE MOHAWK (Norway) – the dogs are turning red
CATHEDRAL (england) – the guessing game
HOODED MENACE (finland) – never cross the dead
BURZUM (Norway) – belus
KVOTERINGEN (swe) – samhällets förrädare
HELL DARKNESS (israel) – rockin’ underground
DEMON’S GATE (Australia) – S/T

Ryan of The Early Strike
Four Year Strong
Enemy Of The World
I looked through my ipod and everything was crap. 2010 was a disappointment, but I chose this album due to the production value.

Brit of The Early Strike
Bullet For My Valentine
I chose this album because of lyrics and overall vibe of the album.
Also, The Early Strike – ten outta ten 🙂

David Volgman-Stevens of For All Those Sleeping
Probably two of my favorite albums of 2010 would have to be PMtoday‘s album In Media Res and Taylor Swift‘s Speak Now because when I have driving shifts I seem to play them all the time!

Manuel Schoenfeld of
“This is really hard to say but my favorite album of the year is probably the second record of the german alternative band THE INTERSPHERE “Interspheres >< Atmospheres” which is out in the US via Progrock Records too. This album is such a blast! It combines heavy progressive riffs and ambitious song structures with catchy pop melodies. We supported them with frames in March this year on a show in Hamburg/GER and their concert was stunning! They’re all awesome musicians and know how to reach their audience. “Interspheres >< Atmospheres” blew my mind and I couldn’t listen to anything else for weeks. If you’re into handmade rock music with a touch of prog you should definately have a listen and you’ll love it as I do. The title track “Interspheres >< atmospheres” is one of my favorite tracks of 2010 as well!”

Luke McDuffee (bassist, Framing Hanley)
My favorite album this year is definitely Envy On The Coast’sLowcountry.” From first track to last everything is flawless. It has fantastic musicianship, excellent songwriting, great hooks, everything a great rock album is supposed to have. It’s a real shame the band split after Lowcountry was released, I can only imagine how good the follow-up would have been.

Chris of FranKo
Because it’s got great variety and still the same Pendulum vibe to it, some songs are so different you wouldn’t guess some of the tracks are Pendulum tracks which is great and really get a vibe of the band improving

Tommy of FranKo
I really liked Gogol Bordello’sTrans-Continental Hustle. It’s great to have a dance to!

Beau of FranKo
Sub Focus
Could This Be Real – Such a versatile Electronic album with many genres covered but also linking back to the drum and bass feel. Really great Energy and Production.

Richard of FranKo
Diamond Eyes
This is my album of 2010 because as soon as I heard the first riff I was completely taken aback by the sheer power of the production, the amazingly unique melodies that sit perfectly on top of the rhythm section and just the epic vibe and place that it took me too.
Although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I really feel that it’s worth a listen if you’re up for some riff-driven awesomeness. Check it!

Davey Fortner of Freshman 15
Is Anybody Out There
The cd was insane! Scott’s voice and writing clearly matured over their hiatus and the melodies are instantly in your head. It is highly underrated, so if you haven’t picked up.. Do so!! You won’t regret it.

John Strachan of The Funeral Pyre
The record I found myself listening to the most was Alcest Escailles de Lune: Part 1
The reason being, if you like the feeling of a band like Slowdive, mixed with some black metal parts, then you have the latest Alcest record. Every song is great, even though there are only 6 songs. But nothing lacks, it’s completely original and even the black metal parts put to shame most metal bands on Earth.

Danny Tunker of God Dethroned
Best CD of 2010: ImmolationMajesty And Decay
always deliver quality albums and are one of the most consistent death metal bands around. So without listening to it I bought ‘Majesty And Decay’. I expected this album to be good. And I knew it would be good. But not this good. Production-wise this is the best they have ever sounded and the songs, while still as brutal as ever, are more catchy and even carry an epic feel. A sure-fire winner for 2010.
Favorite songs: A Token Of Malice, Majesty And Decay

Jason Lancaster of Go Radio
’s new one. He’s got to be one of the only people that I can still hear emotion in his voice when he records. I love it.

Tim Skipper from House Of Heroes
Band of Horses
Infinite Arms
It took a few listens to fall in love with this record, but I came around eventually. The melodies and harmonies are so rich and timeless. There’s nothing amazingly special or revolutionary about the album, it’s just no frills, fantastic songwriting that has a very warm and intimate feel.

Josh from I Am Cassettes
Destruction of a RoseAmerican Hell” Why? Cause Nick Rose is on it. No but seriously, because its one of the few metal records I was able to get through completely this year and be stoked off of. All truth.”

Jonas Renske of Katatonia/Bloodbath
For me it’s Sun Kil Moon – “Admiral Fell Promises“. One of my favourite artists of all time and this album does not disappoint in any way. Timeless.

Johnny of The Krays
Well, my favorite CD of 2010 is a self released album by New Jersey band Destitute NJ called “PSYCHEDELICGARAGE-BOOGIEWOOGIE-MAMBOSAMBABLUES“. The Krays have played a few shows with them this past year, and I think the band is great. The CD has a great mix of sounds. It seems like they have a wide range of influences, yet they mix them all so well to create a very distinct sound and feel. Songs range from bluesy to reggea, to garage punk, yet the sound is very distinctly their own. You know it’s Destitute, whether they are jamming on a fast punk song, or a slow rock and roll jam. Some songs are sung in Spanish, so there is a Latin influence as well that is great.
Great name for a cd too. Great vocals, great guitar riffs, great playing, great songs.

Liv Kristine of Leaves’ Eyes
My favorite album this year is Elfenthal‘s “An Ancient Story” (Release Date: 12th November 2010).  Maite Itoiz and John Kelly are taking us on   journey through ancient times, introducing Hildegard von Bingen, T.L. de Victoria , Codex Calixtinus, Juan del Encina, Alfonso X, Llibre Vermell, among others, including ancient compilation books starting from XI – XII Century. This album is a dream coming true! All the tracks are breathtakingly beautiful, moreover, Maite’s voice is as close to perfection of all female voices as I’ve heard in a long time: gentle, clear, but powerful to the very last note of each stanza. Maite singing Hildegard von Bingen’s “Caritas Abundat in Omnia” is the finest version of this ancient song I’ve heard so far. John brings in his Celtic roots and is the perfect vocal match to Maite in the duets. One also senses the real nature of the medieval instruments played, because they are all played so carefully. I am amazed by all the instruments Maite plays on this album (I wish I could do that!). When I listen to “An Ancient Story” I even get the feeling of Maite and John’s love and gratefulness towards nature. This is a treasure to the fans of world music and medieval compositions, and a real pleasure to our ears and hearts, to me personally especially in the winter: it keeps my heart warm.
Merry Christmas!

Robert Meadows of A Life Once Lost
Songs for Singles
This record rips and still proves that this band is growing into a monster of a pop doom band. The hooks always hit you so hard and constantly leave me wanting to spin it again. Steve Brooks has crafted a unique approach with the vocals that have yet to disappoint me. I drove to Toronto to see this band open for Mogwai at the Phoenix Theater and holy shit, they floored me!

Jared Monaco of The Maine
Really digging the new Kings of Leon album, they’ve still got it.

Ryan Neff of Miss May I
My favorite CD of 2010 is Illuminaudio by Chiodos.
I love the progression that the band made while making the transition to a new singer. Making that large of a change would kill most bands these days but Chiodos wrote a record that is catchy, riffs as hard as any band, and the drum work is exciting and just like every record they do, was nothing but an improvement from their previous work. I love the new singers voice and all of the catchy hooks in each chorus. Even the keyboard parts which are usually not something I take a liking to are extremely memorable and catchy. I love the record, and I listen to it every day before we play.

Robbie Pina of Molotov Solution
I would definitely have to say DeftonesDiamond Eyes. This album is in my eyes their best work to date. The overall grief for Chi Cheng is so palpable that it literally gives me chills. It’s also a very rooted old school feel mixed with the “technical” classic style they are known for!

Chris Motionless of Motionless In White
‘s Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice. Every song is perfect. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to it from beginning to end. It also comes with an acoustic version of every song which is awesome!

Andy Craighan of My Dying Bride
Blackness never sounded so bleak. Wonderfully withersome.

Marshall Guimenti (Drummer – My Ticket Home)
Stick to Your Guns
The Hope Division
“The drumming on this album has inspired many of our songs, as well the
production value and creativity of this album is nothing short of top

Christian from No Bragging Rights
“My vote goes to FOR TODAY.
They are easily the best and most focused Christian Metal/Hardcore band out there. Their album “Breaker” is the most diverse and mature album the band has release. I love that they influence kids to be positive and inspire people to support heavy music”

Daniel from No Bragging Rights
“In my humble opinion, The Wonder YearsThe Upsides” was one of the best pop-punk records of 2010. Something about the picture the singer paints with his lyrics. It’s such a possitive record and puts me in a possitive mood. Countless times i’ve pulled up “The Upsides” and gone for a bike ride to blow off steam.”

Mike Perez from No Bragging Rights
Stick To Your GunsThe Hope Division” it’s everything that’s good about hardcore. All the songs on that album are put together so fucking well. Way too good!”

Rick from No Bragging Rights
Stick To Your Guns Hope Division.
Album is good front to back. Has a little bit of everything I want to hear from STYG. Fast, heavy, catchy, just all over amazing album. “

Dean of No Redeeming Social Value
My favorite CD of 2010 is (believe it or not) Killing TimeThree Steps Back“. Why?? Even though they went through several years of being inactive, the album reflects their longstanding ability to write good songs with poingnant and evolved lyrics. They are obviously older now, and the material relfects their maturity and staying power in a scene overrun with lackluster and pointless shit-metal disguised as NYHC. Besides, the hooks are catchy enough to make senior citizens wanna mosh.

Glen of No Redeeming Social Value
All Out War
Into The Killing Fields“. Why? Because it’s All Out War.

Yannick d’Assignies of Phathom
My favorite album of 2010 was hands down “Brothers” by the Black Keys. They are bringing back soul to rock n’ roll and the album is musical bliss from beginning to end.

Brandon Ellis of Rocky Loves Emily
The Maine
Black and White
This record reminded me of my childhood and the kind of music my mom would play in the kitchen while making dinner. (bands like Tom Petty and Bryan Adams) Those evenings growing up were always my favorite times and thats why B&W will continue to bring a smile to my face.

Alek Samodouroff of Scarlett O’Hara
Favorite CD of 2010: Rage by Attila
By far the most in-your-face album of the year. Every song is just about having fun and living it up, and their live performance just makes you love it even more!

Andrew Mena of Scarlett O’Hara
My favorite CD of 2010 would have to be BirthEater by Oceana. Its very melodic, catchy chorus, sick breakdowns and Brennan Taulbee voice is amazing in this album. I always listen to this album from start to finish. My all-time favorite song off the album is Family Disease, I love the chords in the song and the drum work is so sick and creative. I like how the album uses numerous Christian references and explores topics such as abortion. I’m a Christian myself so I can relate to this album and how abortion is work in this world. They are an amazing band and very musically talented. Hands down favorite CD of 2010.

Casey Lagos of sealakes
My favorite cd of 2010 would have to be Brooke FraserFlags. She is a singer/songwriter from Australia. Her music is ear candy to me, and her voice is beautiful. No words to describe besides that, you’ll have to check it out!

Rick Armellino from This or the Apocalypse
Deftones “Diamond Eyes
have always been a band that provided an incredible model as a group of dudes who could function in a while simultaneously just not givin’ a fuck, which I loved. Even at 15 I could identify that they just maintained their own mystique, their own set of rules they periodically broke at their own leisure. After what happened to Chi I think everyone just really wanted to know what was going to happen… You can just hear all of the emotion, the confusion, the self assertions, everything. To TOTA it’s a testament of where we were as kids and just how damn relevant that can be today.

Michael “Jag” Jagmin of A Skylit Drive
Save Me San Francisco. This album will always put me in an awesome mood!
PeripheryPeriphery. These guys brought a whole new sound to the metal scene. It’s great to see this kind of change.

Alex Roy of Sparks The Rescue
Butch Walker
– “I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart“. I am a huge fan of folk pop. This record is phenomenal, I mean this guy co-writes and produces songs with some of the biggest names in the music industry/the scene. His lyrics are smart, clever and heartfelt, it’s one of those records i know every single word to. Just listen to “She Likes Hair Bands” – you’ll fall in love.

Cody Bradley of Take It Back!
Against Me!
White Crosses

Steffen of Thulcandra
EPARISTERA DAIMONES. There is only one Tom G. Fischer on this massive black stone, called earth. This is the true follow-up to Celtic Frost in my ears, heavy as hell, faster than Frost and of course blacker than black. Killer songs, killer album. 11/10 – this one goes to eleven.

Davey Musie (vocalist of Vanna)
The best record in our opinion of 2010 is Norma Jean’s latest release “Meridonial.”
I don’t skip a track on that record, it’s intense when it needs to be and sits back and breathes where it needs to. An overall win for them. Definitely hasn’t left my iPod playlist since I got it. Cheers to those guys!

Tyler “Telle” Smith of The Word Alive
Taylor Swift
Speak Now haha, yeah I said it! Her songs are addictive!
AnberlinDark Is The Way, Light Is The Place every song is incredible. This band keeps getting better. I was able to see them live last month, and the new songs were great live too.
Jimmy Eat WorldInvented This is and will always be one of my favorite bands. One of the few bands who can truly get to me in every way. They have so much emotion in their songs.
Pierce The VeilSelfish Machines these guys are great dudes and incredibly talented. I loved this cd.
Our Last NightWe Will All Evolve One of the most underrated bands, and good friends of mine. I love every song on this cd. They are great live, and have some amazing music.
DeftonesDiamond Eyes One of my favorite bands of all-time, and them going heavier again made me fall in love all over again. Chino is one of the best singers in our genre.

Steve Karp of Yuppicide
My favorite CD of 2010 is the Yuppicide Anthology, hands-down. Now, I might be biased, but it’s SO great to hear those songs re-mastered and see the incredible job Jesse did compiling 10+ years of lyrics, flyers, photos and art.

(Articles and answers compiled by Kenneth Morton – Top 10 Graphic by  Yannick d’Assignies)


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