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throughs1THE WORLD ON STANDBY by THROUGH SOLACE (Strike First Records)

Strike First Records has been signing a lot of interesting new bands lately, including promising new metalcore act Through Solace. Hailing from South Wales, Through Solace has a lot in common with genre stalwarts such as Poison The Well and From Autumn To Ashes. While most metalcore these days quickly descends into a tiresome affair, Through Solace are inventive enough to really make the listener stand up and take notice. Judging by the dozen tracks heard on The World On Standby, Through Solace possesses a driving musical presence that will have a lasting appeal to many.

Without the benefit of a cheesy intro, Through Solace kicks the CD into supersonic gear straight away with the powerful We Were So Sincere. Aspects Of Dreams is a crushing anthem on the more hardcore, Shai Hulud side of the spectrum. The impassioned tracks never let up, with Seth Loomis, Taylor, and Through These Years being the most stirring of the lot. The conclusion of The World On Standby is Tides II, a song filled with sonic dynamics and a wondrous ending that will sooth the ears and place the listener into a dreamlike state of mind.

The World On Standby is a powerful collection of spiritual-based tunes that are filled with ambition and a sense of grace. Just as impressive on anything on the current Solid State roster, Through Solace is an inspiring band on the verge of breaking into the big time. Hopefully they will visit us here in the States for some shows soon!

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