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tywmjpegThe Years We’ve Missed by 5 Years and Counting (Self-released)

5 Years and Counting has been MIA for the last few years, due to the constraints of “real life” getting in the way and taking a toll – the curse of most aspiring musicians looking for a break. Their previous EP With Thoughts But Not Regrets was an early release for Invogue Records, featuring profoundly moving should-be classics such as Closer, Seattle, and Take Me Home. One of the most scandalously underrated EP’s of the last decade, front man Sean MacDonald and a revolving lineup of musicians spent months on the road promoting With Thoughts…, playing to anyone who would give a listen. And now in 2013, MacDonald has reformed 5 Years and Counting, at long last releasing new material.  The Years We’ve Missed is a sweeping collection of indie rock that will envelope your senses and send your imagination in flight. Whether it’s the infectious rocking tapestries or the spiraling ballads, The Years We’ve Missed is a mesmerizing work of sonic artistry well worth seeking out.

The Years We’ve Missed opens with jarring guitars before exploding into a wondrously hypnotic reprieve, with MacDonald’s super expressive voice reeling the listening in to the impassioned lyrics at hand. Kill Capture is clever and dazzling, with its wickedly endearing chorus and rapturous melodies.

5yac2013Morning is a gorgeous track complete with serene vocals and a dreamlike soundtrack that will make you want to take on the forthcoming day.  I Am A Dream continues the inspired reveries and is a definite highlight on the album.

What Do You Think is moody and contemplative, an impassioned tune possessing a cautious intensity that will surely jolt the senses. Liquid Lust then pours through the speakers, a murderously sensual cut that slams at the listener with fiendish glee.

Change My Mind is brilliantly constructed with lavish overdubs and spellbinding vocals in the grand tradition of Radiohead and Jellyfish. And then closing out The Years We’ve Missed is the stunning This Moment, featuring a poignant co-vocal by Asia Whiteacre, ending the EP like a vivid dream you’ll want to relive time and again.

The music found within The Years We’ve Missed is inviting and timeless, with singer / songwriter Sean MacDonald placing a lot of heart and conviction into each and every song. An intriguing collection of tunes – one destined to finally gain 5 Years and Counting a good deal of appreciation within their Austin, TX hometown and beyond. In addition to Sean MacDonald, the new 5 Years and Counting lineup consists of James Price, Jake Rabin, Phil Locey, and Jason Bearden.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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