A Fight For Life

Wanderer by A Fight For Life (Mutant League Records)

Newsflash: The South has risen again with an all-out vengeance!  Presenting a super combustible mixture of hardcore and metal, A Fight For Life unleash explosive compositions that will burn through your stereo speakers. Their debut full-length entitled Wanderer is being released through Mutant League Records, a label owned by former Rosaline member Nathan Steinheimer. Wanderer is the type of sonic devastation destined to place both band and label solidly on the metal map.

The disc kicks off with the dynamic strains of Footsteps before igniting into the reverberations of the supremely heavy Dethrone. Drowning Faster continues the manic assault, adding a clean vocal refrain which sends the tune soaring. The Village will transport you on a pulsating journey through hardcore and mayhem, making you want to plunge headfirst into the nearest mosh pit.

Distractions enraptures with its spiraling yet thoroughly relentless melodies. Pathways is a burst of energy before the staggering title track Wanderer commences – a classic cut for the band to be sure. The Final Chapter then slams into the listener, lunging for the throat and not letting go in grand pit bull style.

Hidden Tracks shows how absolutely tight the band is, with all members delivering pummeling performances. And the best is saved for last, with Another Night, Another City demonstrating how resourceful A Fight For Life is at combining intensive screams with a wildly infectious “these are the paths we choose” chorus. A thunderous conclusion that will inspire repeated listening time and again!

The guitar work on Wanderer is searing and atmospheric, with moments of pure metal heroics thrown in to dazzle to ears. The rhythm section absolutely devastates with breakdowns and blast beats of the highest order ensuing.  The vocal combination of Jerry Phillips and drummer Casey Butler is inspiring and fervent, both players presenting a persuasive sense of conviction to the proceedings. Wanderer was mixed and mastered with a dead-on precision by Brian Hood (A Plea For Purging, Gideon). formerly of Mychildren Mybride.

Judging by the mighty musical journey A Fight For Life commences on with Wanderer, expect even greater glories to emerge for this Atlanta, GA-based band in future days.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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