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Based out of Lisburn, Ireland, Aaron Shanley is a singer / songwriter whose infectious brand of Indie rock has been gaining him a good deal of attention on and off Myspace. Comparable to the likes of Dashboard Confessional, Bright Eyes, and even The Lilac Time, Shanley’s songs are sentimental and enduring, and sure to appeal to a massive range of ages and musical tastes. All this, and so far, the artist has been giving away these wondrous musical treasures for free on his Myspace account. Shanley recorded several EP’s under the moniker The Drama Escort and has been involved with music since forming his first band at the tender age of 12. 19 years old at present, Shanley is well on his way to the big time, judging by the three singles that have been released so far.

Coming Down is Shanley’s latest song, a haunting track of melancholy and hope that will remain embedded in your memory for the ages. Tell Me You Want Me Back shows the troubadour rocking it out, complete with jangly guitars and sweeping choruses. Oh My Girl starts out with a playful harmonica and shows Aaron Shanley at his very best, with carefree vocals and a superb country/rock atmospheric permeating throughout the recording. All three of these tunes would make terrific additions to radio airwaves all across the world.

Aaron Shanley is absolutely one of the most talented and resourceful of the songwriters all over the various Internet music sites. With songs this extraordinary, it is certainly safe to say that Shanley has a big and glorious future ahead of him. Be sure to go to his Myspace, download the tracks, and catch up with a rising star! Highly recommended!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

Aaron Shanley on Myspace


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