Abandon All Ships: A Maiden Voyage into the Big Time

The very first signing of a collaborative effort between Velocity and Rise Records, Abandon All Ships is sure to gain a good deal of attention with their unique style of post hardcore music.  Rise Records has been the launching pad for successful bands such as The Devil Wears Prada and Drop Dead, Gorgeous.  Their partner Velocity Records is surely beginning to show they share Rise’s knack for signing outstanding bands.

About to go on their first tour with A Skylit Drive and in the midst of recording their debut full length, we decided to jump on board and check out what Abandon All Ships has to say.  Anchors away and get into the pit now…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do is Abandon All Ships and how long the band has been together.
What’s goin’ on everybody, I’m Ange. I’m the front man.
The band has been together since 2006

Where is the band from and what is the music scene like there?
Toronto, Ontario Canada. To be honest the scene here is great, Toronto is the hot spot for music in Canada

What made you guys decide to call the band Abandon All Ships – and is there any story behind the name?
Really, it was just a spur of the moment thing. It just kind of stuck with us.

How did you wind up signing to Velocity/Rise Records?
Our previous manager introduced us to the idea, we fell in love with it. Because of the fact that we’d be working closer with Dave, we knew it was in our best interest so we made the move, and we really coudn’t be happier.

How are the songs coming together for the upcoming album and do you have a working title for it yet? If so, what is the story behind the title?
Pre-pro is fully done, and we just started recording the album.
It’s at a pretty early stage of the process, so we’re still working everything out with the title and so on.
Album name is still in the works, but we should have everything ready for the end of May.

Where do you get the ideas for your lyrics? Please cite two of your songs and what the lyrics are about.
Really anything that anybody shoots out that were into, we write about.
Karmas fair but instead I’d rather see you dead” is from a new song, its about an ex-girlfriend.
even if it rains and the sun wont shine, whatever the weather you’ll be mine” –megawacko is just about the weather
We write about anything that sparks our creative interest.

Describe your music to an elderly relative who thinks it’s so groovy that you’re in a band.
Kinda like “Grove coverage” (look that up)

What do you think sets Abandon All Ships apart from the many other hardcore/metalcore bands out there today?
Well, we signed to a major label in Canada, which is typically uncommon for a band like us.
But besides that, were setting out for a euro-hardcore sound. Which really hasn’t been explored yet.
We often get compreard to bands like Attack Attack, or The Devil Wears Prada which is flattering.  Both amazing bands, but we are truly trying to tap into a sound that most people don’t quite understand yet, hopefuly our new record will get it across.

How has the tour with A Skylit Drive been going and what have been some of the highlights?
Go Fist Pump Yourself, It hasent started yet, but we are very excited for our first full American tour.

How easy or difficult was it to record the first EP on your own and to set up your own tours in support of it?
Well, in Canada we always had a good following behind us, so booking tours wasn’t always the problem.
And recording the EP ourselves was great. We had really no budget, and all the time in the world.

What could one expect from a live Abandon All Ships show?
Way backs, Lazers, Fist pumping.
Pretty much like going to Frequency on a Wednesday night, except with less violence.

Any strange or unusual Myspace stories you could share?
There’s one I can think of, a band from Europe kept putting our music on on their page.
And was very offended when we ask them to take it down, which was odd.

Any touring plans for the summer?
Besides doing a few big Canadian shows, everything else is pretty much a secret for now.

Do you have any messages for peeps reading this who might want to check out your band?

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

Abandon All Ships on Myspace


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