Into The Abyss Of Cold by Stryvigor (Svarga Music)

stryvigorep1Into The Abyss Of Cold by Stryvigor (Svarga Music)

Following up on the trail of their epic debut release Forgotten By Ages, the mighty Stryvigor returns with an all-out vengeance ready to conquer and destroy all within their wake. Into The Abyss Of Cold is an astounding EP, showing a Black Metal collective ready to break out into the elite of their genre. Containing four new original songs and an exhilarating cover, Into The Abyss Of Cold is required listening for fans of bands such as Darkthrone and Drudkh. The dark atmospherics and sonic intensity will surely enrapture all wishing to commence upon a journey into the treacherous forests of the Carpathians and beyond.

The sweeping title track Into The Abyss Of Cold launches the listener into the icy world of Stryvigor, with its relentless soundscapes chilling to the very core. At The Frontier of Dimensions and Granskog then assaults the senses with its blackened death brutality that is wondrous to behold – complete with a triumphant chorus that will make you want to take on the world at large.

Eye Of The Storm rages into existence, creating a barrage of auditory devastation that leaves quite an impact. Black Moon Shadow is cosmic and ravaging, as it weaves its mystical spell into the obscure hearts and minds of extreme music fans all over this doomed planet. And then closing out the adventure way too soon is a superlative cover of the Darkthrone classic Under The Funeral Moon, taking an already immortal song and sending it into the stratosphere.

stryvigor-300x150Svarga Music continues to enlighten the world with its intriguing roster of extreme metal bands based of out the Ukraine, featuring timeless acts such as Zgard and Paganland. And with the unleashing of Into The Abyss Of Cold by Stryvigor, the underground label continues to present world class black metal into the hands of genre fanatics everywhere. With an EP this vibrant and compelling, it will be exciting to hear the exquisite nightmares Stryvigor delivers on their next magnum opus.

The artistic visionaries bringing Stryigor to life features the grand participation of Khladogard on guitars and vocals and Rungvar on drums.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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