Accu§er: Diabolic Metal Carnage

accuser-web-4-by-tom-rowFounded in 1986, German thrash underground legends ACCU§ER unleash metal carnage in it’s finest hour!  Their latest epic is entitled Diabolic, an intense collection of tunes now available worldwide on Red Shift Records.  The band recently opened for the mighty Sepultura and are about to play Metalfest Open Air Poland with the likes of Helloween, Accept, and Destruction.  Here is a recent interview we conducted to find out more about ACCU§ER, the devastating new album and their glorious legacy.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in ACCU§ER, and how long the band has been together.
I am Frank Thoms, singer and guitar player ! We started in 1986, stopped in 1996 and started again in 2008 !

Where are you based out of and what is your music scene like there?
We are from Siegen. It´s a little town in North Rhine Westphalia. In the 80´s we had a little Metal, Punk and Hardcore-scene here. And now, all underground directions are represented.

How does the new album Diabolic compare to the previous ACCU§ER albums?
We have tried to use all stylistics of ACCU§ER since the first album. Through the dark touch the album has got his own style. Some people have said “Diabolic” is a mixture between “Who dominates Who” and “Repent“. I think the album is typically ACCU§ER but with fresh accents.

Who produced Diabolic and what was it like working with them?
Diabolic” and “Dependent Domination” was produced by Martin Buchwalter. It´s great to work with Martin. Before we start recording we exchange ideas and talk about songs, sounds and technical things. In the whole studio time we have a lot of fun and a relaxed atmosphere.

accuserdiabolic1Select two songs from Diabolic and what inspired the lyrics.
Diabolic” is orbited by three components. The time factor, the darker side and mankind. “Save your Legend” is about a priest in the Middle Ages and his wheelings and dealings to attain power.

What could one expect from a live ACCU§ER show?
Friendly aggression with attitude!

Has ACCU§ER ever played here it the States area or plan to do so in future days?
No, we have never played in the States. Maybe next time!

What was it like opening for Sepultura and did you get to hand out with them at all?
They are nice guys. Sepultura are my heroes from the past. I am also a little more nervous if we play with them. But playing together works very well because the crowd likes the package.

If you could open up for any band either current or from the past, who would it be and why?
Exodus because Gary Holt is one of my favorite guitarplayers

Who did the artwork for Diabolic and how much input did you have on it?
Verena Achenbach did the artwork for “Agitation“, “Dependent Domination” and “Diabolic.”  She does a really good work. I have some ideas about lyrics, themes and pictures and Verena starts working on some layouts. Then we bring the selected material together to one concept.

What did you think of about Jeff Hannenman’s passing and what is your favorite Slayer memory?
It makes me very sad. It´s too early! The first time I heard “Reign in blood” I was totally excited. I heard this album most of the time. Again and again and again …….

If ACCU§ER was asked to appear on a Slayer tribute, what song would you select to do and why?
Criminally Insane” because I love that song.

Germany of course is famous for their BEER! What is your beer of choice and why?
Krombacher Pils. It´s from our area and I like the flavor.

What are the future plans for ACCU§ER?
First we play the summer festivals, some clubgigs and maybe a tour. In autumn I start writing on new material.

Any messages for ACCU§ER fans here in the States?
I hope you like our new album “Diabolic“. Thank you for your support, see you on tour, cheers.

Frank Thoms (guitar, vocals)
Uwe Schmidt (guitar),
Frank Kimpel (bass),
Olli Fechner (drums)

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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