ACCU§ER unleashes 25th Anniversary Edition of Who Dominates Who

Who Dominates Who Cover 1989

Who Dominates Who Cover 1989

The past four years have without doubt been the most successful years in ACCU§ER’s long career. The comeback album “Agitation” was a succès d’estime, followed by “Dependent Domination”. The studio album “Diabolic” marks the hitherto climax. Shows with bands like Death Angel, Sepultura, Tankard and Morgoth, festivals like Wacken Open Air and Metalfest Europe Open Airs and many small yet intense headliner shows added to ACCU§ER’s current presence in the scene.

2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the ‘eternal classic’: “Who Dominates Who”. Back then, the album was a climax in the development of the band and Thrash experts still consider it to be a classic. It is the extraordinary guitar work which impressed then and still impresses now. The album’s 25th anniversary comes with the full kit. “Who Dominates Who” is being released as a double CD which unites the past and the now.

Who Dominates Who Cover 2014

Who Dominates Who Cover 2014

The complete album has been newly recorded by the current line-up with well-known producer Martin Buchwalter (Destruction, Suidakra, Perzonal War to name but a few). This is the chance for fans to get the songs with Frank Thoms on vocals, who was the guitarist on the original album.

New member Dennis Rybakowski on the guitar respectfully enhances the solos even more – the album stays close to the original while the songs represent the current sound of the band and makes “Who Dominates Who” sound like ACCU§ER sound on stage in 2014.
The completely re-mastered, but unaltered original version of the album is not to be embezzled; it is now finally available again with this release. The package is completed by two complete booklets: the unaltered original and a new one. This gives every fan the option to customise his personal version of “Who Dominates Who”.

This is what it is about: to demonstrate the current sound of ACCU§ER but to also celebrate the 25th anniversary of a little classic and make it possible to put this record on the shelves again!

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