Ace Augustine announces departure of long time drummer Doug Fellenbaum

It was recently announced that Ace Augustine was looking for a new drummer, as long time member Doug Fellenbaum has parted ways with the band. Here are the announcements listed on the band’s Facebook page, including whom to contact if you are interested in auditioning for the open spot…

IMPORTANT: It saddens us to tell you that Doug no longer wishes to be apart of Ace Augustine anymore. He made this decision because he decided that he wanted to direct his focus towards his rap project, Dougie Kent, and school. This is obviously a huge bummer for us because Doug is one of our best friends and one of the bands first members. I will say this here and now, THERE IS NO BAD BLOOD! We totally understand his decision and were all still friends with him. Doug has offered to play whatever shows we have until we find a new drummer but with that being said, we are looking for a new drummer. Some requirements are as follows: Being a christian (we totally love all of our friends that aren’t christians, they all rule, but because we are a christian band, we need to have someone who feels the same way we do about christ and that comes first in his part in the band), being able to play Doug’s drum parts, write drum parts to new songs, be an overall good musicians, as well as having a certain amount of creativity in their drum style(we are not looking for the next Doug Fellenbaum, we are looking someone who is tight but has there own style, not someone who just goes crazy all the time, but knows how to write the appropriate drum parts that fit our new songs), has their own, professional equipment, someone who is willing to tour over summers and college breaks, has a good work and business ethic, lives within an hour or two from Lancaster, Pa, and is an overall awesome person. If you think you are the person for the job, email our manager asking for a tryout or send him a video of you playing an ace augustine song on drums or just drumming to any song on drums. I personally want to thank Doug in this for all of the hard work he’s put into the band over the years and that we will all miss him. And also know, this is NOT the end of Ace Augustine. The music I have in the works is sure to blow you all away! God bless!

From Doug personally: Yes, it’s true..I decided to part ways with the band after 4 years of crazy memories, great tours, and amazing fans. It’s extremely sentimental for me being a staple member, however a lot of you have noticed that I have been pursuing a hip hop dream under the stage name under “dougie kent” that has been taking up literally any free time that I have had lately. There’s a lot of crazy things coming up over this summer that I truly wish I could announce with this project, however it left me no choice except to part ways for the best in order to help not only myself prosper, but more importantly help the band find someone put in 110% like I was once able too in order for Ace to grow accordingly. For anyone reading this, I want to thank you for supporting me through high school until now. Truth be told, I wouldn’t be pursuing this dream without YOU GUYS getting me to this point. Some of you will be stoked and support this, and some of you will never understand my motives behind my decision and that’s something you’ll have to figure out for yourselves. Again, I would like to thank everyone for their continual support. There’s never a day that goes by that I take it for granted.

ANNOUNCEMENT FOLLOW-UP: If you didn’t catch the announcement last night, Doug has left the band to pursue his rap career. We are now looking for a new drummer! Please email our manager, Nick Litrenta if you are interested in playing drums for the band or make a youtube video of you drumming to one of our songs and post it on our wall!


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