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acheronAcheron is a long running Black Metal band based in the United States who have just unleashed an unholy new magnum opus entitled THE FINAL CONFLICT: Last Days of God. With a fascinating concept and mesmerizing songs, this is easily Acheron’s most compelling work to date. We recently interviewed founding member Vincent Crowley and discussed the new CD, his past work with Anton LaVey from the Church Of Satan, and many other topics of interest…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Acheron, and how long the band has been together.
My name is Vincent Crowley and I am the Vocalist, Bassist and Founder of the Black Death Metal band ACHERON. The band has been in existence for 21 years.

It’s been six years since your previous recordings. How frustrating was it to wait that long to release new music?
Very frustrating! We were due to do the follow-up album after REBIRTH: Metamorphosing into Godhood, but our then label BLACK LOTUS RECORDS went out of business and fucked that all up. Needless to say we were pretty burned out on dealing with the record label shit, so we just played lived shows and put our label search on a hiatus. Everyone had busy lives, so time flew by very fast! Kyle Severn (our drummer) and I agreed it was time to seek out a new label, so we did. I got in contact with DISPLEASED RECORDS who showed lots of interest and sent them our demo of new work. They liked it and the wheels started turning again!

Tell me a little about the concept for The Final Days: The Last Days Of God. It’s definitely a fascination one…
I wrote this concept and most of the lyrics back in 1998, after ACHERON recorded the THOSE WHO HAVE RISEN album. The idea was about a secretive group called THE WOLFEN SOCIETY who have been a part of controlling the world for many years. Religions have started to gain too much control, so they manipulate the world’s three most powerful religions Christianity, Islam and Judaism (The Holy Trinity) against each other, to ultimately destroy their reign and status within the world. After this a New Age emerges and life evolves into something more rational and productive.

What was Anton LaVey like and describe your work with the Church Of Satan at the time.
Dr. LaVey was a mentor to all within the CHURCH OF SATAN. He supported the work of all of us. The Black Pope was a very interesting and intriguing man. The COS wasn’t really a “Church” it was more of a Satanic think-tank. Our work was really just doing our own thing while living a true Satanic lifestyle. We more or less let the masses know that we existed and were not going away.

What ultimately made you decide to leave the Church Of Satan and branch out on your own?
Actually, many things. But the main thing was in any organization that has more than one member you are bound to have inner conflicts with members who don’t see eye to eye with you. Well, I couldn’t represent a group that I wasn’t 100% ideology wise with. And in reality, there is no group like that. So I resigned and decided to not ever be a member of any other Satanic / Occult / Religious group or organization. I may believe in many of the same things as I did in the past, but I have also evolved and am much more open minded to other ideas of the dark path.

What does the term Satanism mean to you today?
To me, Satanism is a Lifestyle and philosophy, not a religion! I used to want the same rights as other so-called religions, but in reality Satanism shouldn’t be labeled as one! Why? Because it doesn’t do the damage true religions do; you don’t bow down to some god, nor do you have to be a submissive follower. When people ask if I am a Satanist, I always say, “I’m a Heathen living a Satanic lifestyle.”

When you look back on one of your first recordings Rites Of The Black Mass, what do you think of it now?
That it was so long ago! (Ha, Ha) I was never really happy with the way that album turned out, but many fans consider it a cult classic. It was the first time a band ever set the Black Mass texts to music and released it as an album. We still get many fans requesting songs from that album. In fact, a couple of years ago we did a year of just doing shows playing the whole 1st album live.

Wikipedia has you listed as a former vocalist for Incantation in 2002. What was that experience like and why such a short time with them?
I did vocals for them on their USA/European 2002 “Summer of Blasphemy” tour. I’ve been friends with them for a long time, so we had a great time. Great band, killer music and cool people.

Since The Final Conflict is a concept album, have you considered doing shows where you would play the entire album from beginning to end?
We haven’t yet, but anything is possible. You just never know.

If there was anyone either living or in history who you could sit down and have a beer and chat with, who would it be and why?
I think The Marquis De Sade. His views and outrageous actions would make a fascinating conversation piece.

Your band has dealt with more than a few records labels. What advice would you give new bands looking for a recording contact?
Do it yourselves! (Ha, Ha) Dealing with labels is the worst thing about the music business. But every once in a while you find a good one. Just be fucking careful! And get a music lawyer if at all possible!

Now that you’ve written about the demise of the three white light religions and the end of the world, what could you write about on your next album to top such a powerful and all encompassing subject?
I’m looking to touch on a variety of dark topics that interest me. No, it won’t be a concept album next time. But I do think the heathen souls of ACHERON fans will enjoy them.

Will we have to wait six years for the next Acheron recording?
No! Not if it is up to me! I already hade 4 songs written for the new album. I’d like to record it next year in 2010! That is my personal goal!

Any messages for metal fans here in the Los Angeles area?
Many thanks for all your support! The last time we played LA it was great! We hope to see all you sick and twisted metal freaks soon! You fucking rule! Make sure to pick up our new album THE FINAL CONFLICT: Last Days of God! Cheers!

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