Broken Families by Adaliah (Rite Of Passage Records)

Those who have encountered Adaliah’s self-released EP Rituals last year instantly knew that the Florida-based band would go on to even greater glories. Where Rituals showed a dynamic amount of promise, Adaliah’s debut for Rite Of Passage Records could signify a breakthrough into the big leagues. Produced by Shane Frisby (Bury Your Dead, The Ghost Inside), Broken Families is a gripping, highly punishing collection of post-hardcore tunes with a decidedly progressive edge. Whether it’s the captivating lyrics, stunning guitar work, or the pulsating rhythm section on overdrive, Adaliah’s overall presentation will surely affect even the most jaded of extreme music fan.

The journey through bitter darkness and familial disorder commences with In Balance, a violent explosion of rapturous sound and lyrical despair. Jumper displays a tremendous sense of urgency with its spiraling “maybe someone will save me” and “lifeless bodies, fallen bodies, broken families” imagery. The Brightest Eyes is a powerful track where dysfunctional and a loved one meets the alleyways with devastating results.

Hollows slams into the listener with a relentless force featuring staggering lyrical content tearing through the listener – such as “The only thing you’ve ever really done for me is pull me down the furthest that I’ve ever been” and “How did I get so far from everyone, how did I get so distant?Wasted Effort is blistering and impassioned, followed by fiery inflections of Devil.

Pride And Joy is wildly emotional with its potent sentiments and relentless rhythm section ready for battle – “she was never ashamed” screams the chorus with a fevered sense of conviction. Muse may talk about “running on empty,” but the decisive content and blasting rhythms continue to deliver tenfold. Snake is slithery and venomous with its raging “your apology will not be accepted” refrains.

Shallow Heart is an absolute highlight that goes for the jugular with its “the drugs are started to tear him apart” theme searing through your system like an all-out exorcism. “His mind is racing, he hears the beat of his shallow heart” slams the persuasive chorus. Harbors launches the listener into a sea of mosh and anguish with its heavier than hell breakdowns. And then the instrumental Set Free ends the album on a triumphant note, the soaring guitars and driving beats sending off the entire Broken Families experience into the stratosphere.

Broken Families is a cathartic, adventurous work that many will be able to absolutely relate to. With so many current bands delivering sophomoric lyrical content these days, it’s terrific to listen to such thoughtful introspection accompanied by the most astonishing of soundtracks. Adaliah presents music that has meaning and purpose, and they will surely make an impact on all who venture out to give them a good listen. It will be exciting to see what the future has in store for this collective.

The Adaliah lineup consists of Jorge Sotomayor on vocals, Tyler Andre on vocals, Austin Coupe on guitar, Paul Knott on guitar, Ryan Nagle on bass, and Mark Abbacchi on drums.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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