Chapters by Adestria (Artery Recordings)

There is something about the San Diego music scene that keeps the labels coming back for more. Casino Madrid and Secrets have both unleashed exceptional albums on Artery and Rise Records respectively. And now Adestria is on the verge of busting out onto the national arena in a big and glorious way. Chapters is the name of their Artery Recording debut, 10 phenomenal tracks in all, destined to gain Adestria a good deal of recognition.

Chapters commences with the ferocious Compromised, a sonic assault featuring heroic guitar work, impassioned vocals, and a tremendously tight rhythm section in overdrive. 1984 is up next, with an ominous keyboards underscore embellishing the heavy reprieves. Whiskey For The Soul is wonderfully addictive, featuring a massive guest vocal from Telle of The Word Alive.

The Odyssey is the dynamic first single from Chapters, complete with shimmering keyboard work and dynamic breakdowns rendering this short voyage a memorable track. Outsiders is a stunning triumph that should set pits all across the nation into a frenzy when performed live – this song is enriched by the participation of Davey Muise from Vanna. The exhilarating reveries continue with the stratospheric Defy The Stars – where super passionate vocals and supreme heaviness collide with spectacular results.

More Than You Know may be a power ballad, but its heartrending lyrics are delivered with such all-out honest conviction – making this one an absolute standout. The pedal is placed back to the metal with a vengeance once The Masquerade is let loose. The adventurous A Ship, A Coffin is up next, followed by a smashing closing track entitled Scarlet Letter. Scott Barnes of In Fear And Faith joins in for the grand finale, supplying a devastating conclusion to the Chapters experience.

The musicianship in Adestria is first rate, with credits going to Matthew Alan Anderson on vocals, Christopher Ray Hardison on bass, Michael Jason Yanez on drums, Russell George Klein Jr. and Brian Kimble Stump on dueling guitars, and Michael Anthony Colasardo shining through on keys. Chapters is a profound introduction to a band we’ll be hearing a lot from in the days ahead. With songs this passionate and intriguing, there is little doubt that Adestria will make it into the big leagues in no time at all. A stunning unveiling of talent to be sure, as well as another big discovery from the Artery Foundation!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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