Aenid1Aeneid by Heimdall (Scarlet Records)

It has been eight long years since we’ve last heard from the mighty Heimdall. The veteran power metal act unleashed Hard As Iron back in 2004 and then all but disappeared from the scene. And now we hear from the Italian brigade again, with the grand and epic Aeneid ushering in an exciting new era for this vastly underrated collective. Documenting the story of the fall of Troy on to the birth of the new State that later become Rome, the anthems found within Aeneid are vast and sweeping in scope. Fans of classic acts such as Dio and Iron Maiden will surely exalt the triumphant return of Heimdall – and newer converts will also find themselves richly rewarded by the musical gems found within Aeneid.

heimdall2013After a call to arms in the opening Prologue, Heimdall ride triumphantly into power metal icon status with Forced By Fate, instantly showing a band at the very height of their creative genius. Save Me then follows, complete with epic vocals and a driving chorus that render this gallant cut a genre classic. Waiting For The Dawn then sweeps the listener into another time with its heightened sense of dramatics.

Ballad Of The Queen is gorgeous and haunting, a wondrously effective reprieve that will dazzle the senses. After the instrumental Funeral Song, we are back into heavy speed metal overdrive with the monumental Underworld taking command. Soon The Gates Of War burst wide open, the battle is on and Heimdall present another striking composition of intrigue.

Hero is tight and tremendous, with a chorus that soars to even greater heights. Night On The World and All Of Us encompass a progressive metal sound and dynamic guitar and keyboard interludes, furthering the story with a thrilling sense of adventure in “this magic age.”

The thunderous finale is then at hand, with the tremendously moving Away enveloping the spirit followed by the powerful reprieves of The Last Act. A staggering conclusion to a sonic adventure true metal fans will want to revisit time and again.

The Heimdall 2013 is a vibrant grouping of inspiring musicians – this would include the vast and imaginative three-guitar assault force consisting of Fabio Calluori, Carmelo Claps, and Umberto Parisi. The rhythm section is absolutely first rate, with bassist Daniele Pastore and drummer Nicolas Calluori driving it all across the passages of time. And then there’s the sensational vocal work of Gandolfo Ferro, weaving the magical tales of yore with passion and conviction. Heimdall is indeed back with an all-out vengeance, ready to chart their course into fate and destiny once more.  Aeneid is definitely a classic masterwork destined to be remembered and revered throughout these enduring metal ages!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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