Alberto Martinez (ex-NECROCCULTUS, LEPPER MESSIAH) joins Agony Lords

Mexican dark death metal masters Agony Lords, are currently recording their long-awaited new album A Tomb For The Haunted. The band announced the following update:

“Alberto Martinez (ex-NECROCCULTUS, LEPPER MESSIAH) joins Agony Lords. Oscar Lopez, bassist for the band since 1995, has unfortunately left the band due to personal and professional issues.”

The new lineup is as follows:
Jesus Bravo – vocals
Mauricio Barami – lead guitar
Jorge Inukai – lead guitar
Alberto Martinez – bass
Oscar Piñon – drums

A Tomb For The Haunted is being recorded at Revolution Studios in Irapuato, Guanajuato. Mexico by the band and will be released later this year. More info soon, stay tuned!

The new track “Rising the Occult” is currently streaming at


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