A Hope For Home

In Abstraction by A Hope For Home (Facedown Records)

A Hope For Home has always been an intensely unique collective, even before they were signed to Facedown Records. It has been exciting to witness the band mature throughout the years. And now with their third full-length album In Abstraction, the Portland, Oregon based group has presented a work of artistry and magnificence. In addition to the wondrous musical compositions, there is a DVD, which accompanies the album featuring not only videos of the songs, but some fairly introspective interviews as well.

The dark post rock tapestries commence with the metallic sounds of Calm, an impassioned track that grabs the listener by the throat and then lulls itself into an intriguing state of grace. Out Of Ruin, Misery follows, with its marvelous lyrical complexities and soaring melodies reaching into the stratospheres of sound.

Firewind is ambient and haunting, an ominous bit of serenity before exploding into its thunderous climax. Tides is hypnotic and ethereal, featuring dazzling guitar work and pensive vocals that transport the listener far beyond the mortal confines of their stereo speakers.

The House While You Were Born continues on with the melancholic reveries of deep contemplation, presenting a palette of sound that is sure to stun as well as haunt all whom encounter its compelling refrains. Weaved possesses even more of a dreamlike stance, channeling the great shoegaze bands such as Ride and Slowdive.

Closing out In Abstraction is a 9-plus minute masterwork entitled Everything That Rises Must Converge. A staggering tune demonstrating just how heartfelt the A Hope For Home experience is, one exits the recording feeling a grand sense of enlightenment, ready to face the daunting challenges of the turbulent times ahead.

The 58-minute DVD is a perfect companion piece, where a greater understanding of In Abstraction is achieved. The direction and editing was conducted with an imaginative flair by AHFH guitarist Matthew Ellis, presenting both thoughtful interviews and astonishing imagery. The brilliant cinematography is courtesy of AHFH keyboardist Eric Gerard.

In Abstraction presents A Hope For Home in their finest hour – a thoroughly ambitious and triumphant work of sonic art that will remain in the listener’s head long after the disc spins to its riveting conclusion.  A fantastic way to conclude the year in music!

The A Hope For Home lineup consists of Nathan Winchell on vocals, Matthew Ellis on guitar and vocals, Tanner Morita on guitar, Dan McCall on bass, Eric Gerrard on keyboards and programming, and Lance Taylor on drums.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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