Alexander-Say-HelloSay Hello by Alexander (I Am Mighty Records)

Alexander has the capability to break out in a big and glorious way if their wonderful tunes are any indication of greater glories ahead. Based out of Newcastle in the UK, this indie rock band is destined to leave a lasting impression on all who enjoy their musical reveries with a spiraling sense of imagination and intrigue. Say Hello is Alexander’s gorgeous 8-song debut for I Am Mighty Records, a collection of pure pop rock perfection that will surely tantalize the senses of all who encounter its dazzling refrains.

The recording launches into the stratosphere immediately when title track Say Hello greets the listener with its vibrant melodies and inviting vocals. Maybe I Was Wrong then hooks you in with its kaleidoscopic guitars and breathtaking chorus. The single You Lost Yourself follows, whose marvelous “I’ve been here far too long” lyrics will jangle relentlessly within your head for the ages to come.

Alexander Promo 3Find My Way Out is bold and liberating, about overcoming a storm of emotions, set to the most infectious of harmonies. A Sweet Song then follows, a short acoustic tune that shows Alexander at their most exquisite and intimate. Vapour Trails is a mighty sonic explosion that has Alexander treading fearlessly into Ride and My Bloody Valentine territory.

Without A Parachute is another track found within Say Hello that could become a monstrous hit for the band – this one clearly demonstrating Alexander’s skillful way of unleashing the definitive pop rocking anthem. And then closing out the disc is the pensive yet hopeful Old Fashioned Romance, beginning with only voice and piano before winding up a sweeping collage of pure sonic bliss.

The collective musicianship found within Alexander is resourceful and inspiring, featuring the participation of James Simpson, Anthony Snowdon, Andrew Michael, and Jamie Clark. Say Hello is an astounding commencement for a band destined to break into the big leagues. With musical trends coming and going on a weekly basis, it is exciting to encounter a collective like Alexander performing timeless songs well worth revisiting.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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