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For those who desire a lesson in world geography, Estonia is a country in the Baltic Region of Northern Europe, whose borders include Latvia and The Russian Federation as well as the waters from Gulf Of Finland. The capital of Estonia is Tallinn, a city whose many occupants include the membership of a metal band who goes by the name of Ceremonial Perfection.

Their debut release Alone In The End has been unleashed through the Estonian metal label Nailboard Records, and it’s a recording sure to place both entities on the worldwide metal map. One of the first recordings out in the New Year (release date 01-11-11), Alone In The End is an outstanding collection of metal gems well worth checking into. The most amazing aspect about Ceremonial Perfection is that while they play like true professionals at the height of their craft, no one in the band is over 20 years of age.

After a haunting Intro, the disc kicks into overdrive with Symbols and Processes, a thrilling call to metal arms that should instantly hook the listener in. Blinding White continue the driving melodic metal, with searing guitar work and a relentless rhythm section.

Havoc is a big and glorious anthem, one that is sure to create a massive amount of head banging when performed live. Autumn Of Memories is brilliant and mid-tempo, with subtle keyboard weaving a haunting atmosphere throughout the track. And the potential metal classics keep on sweeping through, as Through Your Devil Nature slams at the listener with a mesmerizing sense of ferocity and dynamics.

My Labyrinth is a stellar work showing just how exciting and ambitious the Ceremonial Perfection experience is. Asymmetry has heroic guitar playing and manic drum beats in overdrive – one could get whiplash trying to head bang it up to this cut. And closing out Alone In The End on a epic note is Tomorrow Of Today, an exhilarating composition that clearly shows modern day melodic death metal in its finest hour.

Alone In The End by Ceremonial Perfection is a classic debut from a band we’ll surely hear a lot more about in the years to come. With a career prologue this powerful, it will be exciting to see what this exuberant young band comes up with next. Be sure to check this one out, and as well as the other terrific Estonian bands on the Nailboard label.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

Ceremonial Perfection Official Homepage

Nailboard Record Official Webstore

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  1. Richard 7 years ago

    I have no words to express how much i love their debut. It feels like they are in this business for a long time. So professional & melodic debut.

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