One of the latest signings to Fearless Records is Amely, a spirited power pop band who was already making a name for themselves even before they placed their name onto the recording contact.  The band has already opened for stalwarts such as All Time Low and was one of the very few rockers to be invited to perform in American Samoa.  With already over a million hits on their Myspace player, Warped Tour and DIY touring experience, Amely has garnered a good deal of attention due to their dedication and hard work over the past year.   They are now ready to say “Hello World,” which is incidentally going to be the title of their Fearless Records debut.  Here is a recent interview we conducted with Amely frontman Petie Pizarro…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Amely, and how long the band has been together.
I am Petie Pizarro and I sing and play guitar in Amely. The band debuted in March of 2009 after I showed everyone some solo music that I was working on at the time.

Where is the band from and what is your local music scene like?
Everyone in the band is actually from a different part of the country. I am from Miami FL, Nate is from Sandusky Ohio, Patrick is from Fayetteville North Carolina and Brandon is from Boston Massachusetts. Nate, Brandon, and I moved to Orlando and met each other through playing in different bands and being involved in different projects. I was introduced to Patrick through a friend. Patrick was so excited about the band that he drove all the way from North Carolina to Orlando to try out to play bass.

The big news is your recent signing to Fearless Records? How did that come about?
We are so excited to be on Fearless Records. Shervon Esfahani, an A&R at Fearless, discovered the music at the time that we put up our first recordings on Myspace in March of 2009. He showed everyone at Fearless the first few recordings and they all loved it and wanted to see how the band would grow together. After we went on tour for the greater part of that year, the label saw the potential in us and though that we were ready to make things happen on a label. We’re very excited to be working with Fearless because they understand our vision for this band and direction for the future.

Is there any story or concept behind the title of your debut EP Hello World?
Hello World is a song off the EP about finding yourself and your purpose in this world. We felt like it was a great fit for the EP title because we have all been working on music for years even before Amely and to finally have our dreams come true and sign to a label is an amazing thing. It is only the beginning in finding out all that we can be and to make music our primary focus in life. Hello World expresses that feeling perfectly. Hello World, here we are, and we are ready to be taken to new places.

Where do you get the ideas for your lyrics? Please cite two songs and what the lyrics are about…
Lyrical ideas can come from anywhere, but they all must come from the heart and from personal experience. I never write about something that I don’t feel or don’t believe in. I am personally very big on emotional expression and feel the need to tell people my stories. For example, I’d Rather Be Alone is a story about a lot of people that I know that are constantly in need of a relationship just for the sake of feeling safe and needed. I felt the need to express that I don’t need to be in a relationship with someone just to feel like I belong in this world. “I’d rather be this way [alone], than give my love to just anyone.” Some people just give their love away to anyone, just to feel better about themselves or to know that they are desired. I cannot stand that.

Producer team Zack Odem and Kenneth Mount have worked with a lot of noted acts. What have they contributed to your overall recording process?
Zack and Kenneth contributed so much to the musical style. They really pushed the envelope when it came to drum and guitar recording and we feel liek we learned so much from the experience working with respected producers for the first time.

What was it like opening for All Time Low and did you get to meet the guys?
Opening for All Time Low was a great experience. We actually share a manager with them, so that had all heard our music before and enjoyed it. They all actually watched our set because they were excited to see how we performed live. We talked with them afterwards and they had great advice to offer us on how to improve and become even better. We took a lot of their opinions to heart and learned a lot from the experience.

Tell me about your experience playing the Warped Tour dates. Any plans of Amely being on the Warped Tour this year?
We aren’t sure if we are playing any of Warped Tour at this point in time, but we have gotten to play dates of Warped Tour in the past. It’s always a crazy feeling playing in front of big crowds in the afternoon heat. It’s very exhausting, especially if you aren’t used to performing outside in 90 degree weather, but it is always a good time to perform your music for people who have never seen you before.

How did your gig in American Samoa come about? Is that normally a regular stop for bands to perform?
We were actually contacted by Blue Sky, the cell phone communications company in American Samoa, to play their 10th Anniversary Concert. We were actually the first rock band to ever perform on the island, so it was very important to us. We grew so much from the experience. Traveling the the opposite side of the world to perform overseas for the first time with all expenses paid was a real dream, especially on such an exotic island. We were even more thrilled because when we got there we already had thousands of fans on the island because they had been promoting the concert and playing our music on the radio. It was our first taste of being a true rock band.

How does it feel knowing that you’ve had over 1 million plays on your Myspace player? That really is quite a number!
We’re extremely thrilled about our plays on Myspace. We have always set ourselves up to try and surpass every expectation that we have, and we are grateful that in most cases, we can succeed at this.

I believe you had a show at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. How did that go and was Hollywood everything you expected it to be?
Hollywood was great to us. We actually had a few celebrities come out and see us play so that was great. It was an acoustic show that we played with an artist that I am very fond of, Automatic Loveletter. I had been listening to her music for a very long time. It’s a very fulfilling thing to play with an artist that you respect and draw inspiration from.

If you could be a donut, what kind would you be and why?
Haha, well…. this isn’t among any of the typical questions that we are usually asked, but if I were a donut I would have to be some insane creation with millions of different flavors at once. Something over the top and obnoxious, because that is usually the direction I take everything.

What’s up next for Amely?
We will be releasing our EP later this year, and start touring in April with School Boy Humor and Action Item. Our April tour dates are already up online so please check them out and come out to a show. We will also be posting our May and June touring plans very soon so keep checking the myspace for that.

Any messages for fans and/or for people reading this who might want to check your band out for the first time?
For those of you who have never heard of us before please check out our video podcasts on iTunes by simply searching Amely. You can subscribe to it for free with new episodes being released every week. Video is a huge part of this band and you can learn a lot about us by watching them. We wanted to really take touring videos to the next level by creating this series and documenting our lives on tour, so please take the time to subscribe to that. We also have a video titled “The Making of Amely” where you can learn everything about our history and singing to Fearless in a quick 5 minute video.

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

Amely on Myspace


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