Kingdom of Giants at Cobalt Cafe

George Gomes, vox of Modern Day Paradise

Kingdom Of Giants, Mureau, Polarization, Bears Among Men, Invisible Monsters, Modern Day Paradise, An Ocean Wide, Cobalt Cafe, January 4, 2013

An Ocean Wide
An Ocean Wide was decent, the music itself was good, but the vocals need a lot of work. As their first performance as a band I’d say it was a pretty good one. They didn’t show too much emotion on stage, which needs to be worked on, but can be easily fixed. I like how they are trying to deliver the message of God through their music, even though I’m more atheist/agnostic than religious. Overall their set was pretty mellow, crowd wise, but a decent set.

Modern Day Paradise
Modern Day Paradise had a pretty fun set to say the least. I loved seeing a bunch of their friends there supporting them. They had a great amount of energy and emotion on stage. Vocalist, George Gomes, even ran into the crowd and started moshing. . The music wasn’t anything too generic either with guitarist, Tony Mendez. Fingers running up and down the fret board in a technical matter, and breakdown after breakdown, keeping the audience alive. Their drummer may have had a couple problems with his kicker, but it was still a great set. This is a local band I can see getting signed sometime within the next few years.

Jose Sanchez, Bears Among Men

Invisible Monsters
Invisible Monsters was pretty heavy, they were cool, but just not for me. I really like clean vocals in my music too, which they lacked. Not that they aren’t a good band. They reminded me of some older metal. They were interesting, they got many people in the pit.

Bears Among Men
Bears Among Men had some technical difficulties with Kyle’s bass in the beginning, but fixed right away. They had a short, but sweet set. They’re always great live, and their energy is nice to see. Vocalist, Jose Sanchez, was crazy hyped on stage, which is always good to see in a vocalist. The thing I especially loved was how guitarist, Ryan Plascencia, was making these goofy faces on purpose. It’s always good to show a funny side. They had a great set overall, and I can also see this band getting signed within the next few years.

Polarization was incredible. I loved the technicality of their music. A 5 string bass, and an 8 string guitar obviously calls for extreme music. The 3-man band, no vocals at all, actually kept me focused. Usually when a band has no vocals I find it kind of boring, but in this case it was opposite. They were very impressive, they put so much effort into their music, they are dedicated. I loved their set, lately I’ve been finding myself listening to music that has some technicality.

Taylor Voeltz vox of Mureau

Mureau was so fun, and so amazing. I loved their crazy energy and crowd interaction. These guys know how to put on one hell of a show, in my opinion. Although these chicks were smoking something right in front of vocalist, Taylor Voeltz, and guitarist, Matt Bredemeier, blowing the water vapor smoke in front of them, which bothered Matt, and me as well. It should be common courtesy not to smoke inside, and not to blow smoke in someone’s face. Anyways, technicality of the music in this band is beyond great. I love how they can make such heavy, technical music, but have such catchy lyrics. I also love how they are so heavy and have clean vocals as well as unclean, that’s my kind of music taste. Mureau had a great crowd, all these guys came up grabbing the mic from Taylor and yelling the lyrics into it. I loved seeing the crowd all wild and happy because the band is so interactive. Again, Mureau’s set was amazing, it was pretty fun and rowdy.

Kingdom Of Giants

Kingdom of Giants
They had an arsenal of new and old songs off their upcoming album. They dropped their singer and their unclean vocalist is now doing both vocals. The crowd was extremely excited to see them and sang along to the older songs they played. With heavy hitting breakdowns they got the crowd moving. His vocals were very strong and hard hitting. The newest addition to the band, their drummer did an awesome job and was smiling the whole time. Feeling off the crowd.

(Review and Photos by Talia Farber)

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