Forgotten Tomb

…And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil by Forgotten Tomb (Agonia Records)

Forgotten Tomb from Italy has mastered one of the most compelling and exquisite soundscapes to be heard on the extreme metal arena today. Depressive, extreme, yet subversively melodic, the tapestries found within the bleak confines of the Forgotten Tomb experience will surely stun and provoke all whom encounter its thrilling sonic reverberations.  Forgotten Tomb has been festering in the underground since 1999, spreading their negativity with a fervent sense of conviction. The collective has now unleashed their finest effort to date – a magnificent slab of austere dementia entitled …And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil.

The disc kicks into the stratosphere of unending darkness and intrigue with the down and dirty sounds of Deprived – instantly reeling the listener in with its haunting grooves and relentless bleakness. Title cut …And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil thrashes away with a fiery precision, a stark composition that would be the perfect companion piece as you willfully descend into the bitter depths of your own personal and literal hell.

Cold Summer is icy and severe with its chilling sonic reveries grabbing you by the throat and suffocating your senses. Up next is the dynamic masterwork entitled Let’s Torture Each Other, a wondrously psychotic anthem of dysfunctional bliss  that will remain spinning within your noise polluted head for an eternity and beyond.

Another classic track follows entitled Love Me Like You Love The Death, ominous and impassioned beyond compare. The cut features devastating vocals as well as sweeping guitars interludes that seduce the listener into the supremely decadent refrains.

Adrift is a cosmic mix of vintage Joy Division and the very best extreme underground metal has to offer, with the clean vocals sounding like Ian Curtis returning from the grave to seek vengeance on us all. And then closing out the somber magnum opus is Nullifying Tomorrow, a staggering grand finale showing all members of Forgotten Tomb in their finest hour musically.

The Forgotten Tomb lineup consists of the charismatic Herr Morbid on guitars and vocals, Razor SK on guitars, Algol on bass, and Asher on drums. Be sure to wander throughout the suicidal pastures of …And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil by Forgotten Tomb and prepare for an explosive journey into pure sonic desolation. Those fortunate enough to land their trembling hands on the digipack edition of the album will find an inspired cover of the Joy Division classic Transmission.

…And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil is an astounding exercise in misery and despair that is not to be missed!  Let’s hope Forgotten Tomb show up to plague the metal masses here in the States sometime soon with live renditions of these blackened hymns!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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