ANDY TIMMONS BAND Set To Release ‘Theme From A Perfect World’ September 30

Photo Credit: Simone Cecchetti

Photo Credit: Simone Cecchetti

ANDY TIMMONS BAND Set To Release ‘Theme From A Perfect World’ September 30

September 8, 2016 – ANDY TIMMONS BAND is set to release their eighth album, THEME FROM A PERFECT WORLD, via their own custom label, Timstone Records, on September 30. Co-produced by virtuoso guitarist Timmons and his longtime bassist Mike Daane, THEME FROM A PERFECT WORLD features 10 all-new tracks of melodic guitar instrumentals that Timmons hopes will touch an emotional chord in every listener.

“First and foremost, I’m really proud of these songs,” he says. “Some of them don’t even have a guitar solo per se — which is kind of unusual for an instrumental guitar record, but that underscores the importance of the idea that a good song has to be there right from the start. It has to be something that people identify with and find themselves wanting to listen to over and over.”

THEME FROM A PERFECT WORLD is comprised of 10 toe-tapping and fist-pump-inducing songs that warrant repeat listens, from the driving, rising force of “Ascension” to the crossover pop leanings of “Winterland” and “Sanctuary” to a pair of heartfelt, uplifting elegies, “That Day Came” and “On Your Way, Sweet Soul.”

In addition to Daane on bass, the album also features Rob Avsharian on drums as well as original Andy Timmons Band drummer Mike Marine, who appears on five tracks. “I think we’re just scratching the surface, as far as tapping into the music’s emotional content goes,” the guitarist says of the vibe he and his bandmates strove to achieve collectively on this record. “My playing and musical tastes have changed or matured in some way over the years, and here, we’re trying to be impactful emotionally and certainly melodically.”

acaganpr_Cover2Andy Timmons—who’s played with the likes of Danger Danger, Kip Winger, Simon Phillips, and Olivia Newton-John–says he wanted THEME FROM A PERFECT WORLD to be both modern and vintage at the same time. “Overall, Mike and I have always been fans of the classic records of the ’60s and ’70s,” he admits, “and there was an underlying credo of trying to live up to the music we loved and grew up with, both sonically and vibe-wise. That’s been a consistent theme throughout the history of the band. It was always the common thread.”

The more challenges the ace guitarist tackles as he composes new music, the more he learns—and the more he wants to share his findings with his audience, both new and old. “The interesting thing I’m finding about this instrumental music is a lot of the songs are very specifically influenced by life events, be it my life or that of somebody else near me,” Timmons reveals, “but there are some songs that were inspired by just a groove or jamming with the guys in the band.”

Timmons thinks he’s able to better express himself more instrumentally than verbally. “Spoken language is a very finite entity, and there are only so many ways we can express a feeling in that way,” he believes. “Whereas the notes within the music and how they’re presented can sometimes strike people a lot deeper. The cool thing is, it may mean something specific to me, but it can be interpreted in almost any way by each listener as a very personal experience.”

Here is the complete track listing for THEME FROM A PERFECT WORLD:
1. Ascension
2. Winterland
3. Theme From A Perfect World
4. Sanctuary
5. The Next Voice You Hear
6. Lift Us Up (Something Wicked This Way Comes)
7. That Day Came
8. Firenze
9. Welcome Home
10. On Your Way Sweet Soul

Check out the ANDY TIMMONS BAND on tour this fall at any of the following stops:

With Travis Larson Band unless indicated otherwise:
Sat 10/1 – Dallas, TX -0 Granada Theater (headlining, with Chris Duarte opening)
Wed 10/5 – Memphis, TN – Rock House Live
Thu 10/6 – Nashville, TN – Douglas Corner Café
Fri 10/7 – Atlanta, GA – AIMM/Atlanta Institute of Music
Sat 10/8 – Charlotte, NC – The Rabbit Hole
Sun 10/9 – Raleigh, NC – The Pour House Music Hall
Tue 10/11 – Charleston, WV – The Empty Glass
Wed 10/12 – Cincinnati, OH – The Mad Frog
Thu 10/13 – Indianapolis, IN – Radio Radio
Fri 10/14 – Detroit, MI – The Token Lounge
Sat 10/15 – Chicago, IL – Reggie’s Live
Sun 10/16 – Columbus, OH – Rhumba Café
Tue 10/18 – Akron, OH – Musica
Wed 10/19 – Buffalo, NY – Nietzche’s
Thu 10/20 – Rochester, NY – The Montage Music Hall
Fri 10/21 – Marlboro, NY – The Falcon
Sat 10/22 – Philadelphia, PA – The Voltage Lounge
Sun 10/23 – New York, NY – Iridium Jazz Club (headlining)
Mon 10/24 – New York, NY – Iridium Jazz Club (headlining)


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