Animal Cloud

EP by Animal Cloud (Self-Released)

For the many cynics within the City Of Angels who think the local music scene has gone into the fiery pits of stagnation, a journey into the sonic reveries of Animal Cloud may just be the happy remedy.  Fans of acts such as Sigur Ros and Radiohead will surely be intrigued by the imagination found on the five songs on the Animal Cloud debut EP.  The masterminds behind the project are Keith Tenenbaum and Trevor Lissauer, a duo who previously collaborated under the moniker of The Glass Plastiks.  While their previous work channeled the likes of Elliot Smith and Bob Dylan, Animal Cloud unleashes an existential musical freedom that is richly rewarding, whether you take on the distinction of its creator or the listener.

I have dreamt a thousand dreams, but I don’t know what any of them mean,” muses Lissauer on the opening notes of Waking, a wistful song with a delightful arrangement that will send the listener soaring into the stratosphere.  Chances then brings on a more haunting, desolate approach with its dreamlike soundscapes and ominous vocal lines.  Bells is a majestic composition whose sweeping dynamics are wondrous to behold.

What if we’re not even real, and we invented the things that we feel,” is the beginning of the abstract yet insightful Fools – an artistic piece that really remains embedded in your head – rendered a standout with it’s clever lyrical content and imaginative musical interludes.  Then closing out the EP is the supremely trippy False Hope, showing Animal Cloud at their most inventive.  A dazzling conclusion to what has surely amounted to a blissfully sonic adventure.

Although Trevor Lissauer is best known for his role as the endlessly quirky Miles Goodman on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, his musical input throughout the years has been vastly underrated.  And now with Animal Cloud, Lissauer and Tenenbaum unleash a project that is required listening for all adventurous music connoisseurs – whether you are looking for a relaxing reprieve after a hectic day or a grand flight towards the radiant yet distant stars and beyond.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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