Dead Swans

Anxiety and Everything Else by Dead Swans (Bridge Nine Records)

The last time we heard from Dead Swans here in the States was their nationwide tour in support of the Comeback Kid in 2009. It’s been a few years since their previous effort Sleepwalkers was unleashed, and now Dead Swans returns with nothing short of an all out vengeance. Anxiety and Everything Else is their latest EP, an explosive seven-song tirade that should reignite their worldwide fan base. Raw and extremely volatile, Anxiety and Everything Else is a slamming collection of fiery hardcore anthems ready to explode in right in your face.

First up on Anxiety and Everything Else is the supersonic I’ve Been Trying To Leave, where punk and metal collide with spectacular results. Summer Of Hate starts off with a somber guitar reverie before combusting into a blistering assault to the senses. Dead Until Dark will make you want to launch headfirst into the nearest pit of utter destruction and chaos.

Keep Them Shut is easily a hardcore classic in the making, and should drive crowds into a frenzy when performed live.  Since Day One is haunting and atmospheric, with a colossal wall of sound enveloping the listener. Then You Can Only Blame Yourself crashes into you at a breakneck pace, like a speed train gone fully out of control.

Closing out the disc on the thunderous note is the relentless Southern Blue. Overall, Anxiety and Everything Else is a phenomenal recording that should intrigue many a hardcore fanatic. Based out of the UK, Dead Swans has made a grand and glorious return and should gain a good deal of attention with this effort.

Now touring in support of the EP, here’s hoping Dead Swans remain a lively sonic force to be reckoned with.  Until you can mosh to their madness at a show, be sure to check into Anxiety and Everything Else  – it’s definitely a 16-minute kick in the head you’ll want to relive time and again.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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