Archgoat is an underground legend, forming in 1989 at the dawning of the Black Metal age. Based out of the fledging music scene in Finland, bands such as Impaled Nazarene and Beherit went on to gain infamy all over the world – while a deficient recording contract and their own disillusion with the commerciality of their local scene pretty much ended the Archgoat’s career back in 1993. But you can never keep a legend down for long – it was only a matter of time before the evil legacy would exhibit itself once more. And now in the year 2009, Archgoat has returned with a ferocious vengeance with their second album entitled The Light-Devouring Darkness.

The Introduction: 3rd Invocation sets the mood for the demonic meanderings that follow, and the hellish intensity never lets up. The vocals are extremely guttural, chilling and malevolent in depth and scope. There are no major guitar solos or keyboard interludes – Archgoat spew out primitive axe riffs and breakneck drumming that annihilates everything in its deadly path. Tracks such as Apotheosis of Lucifer, Goat and the Moon, and The Dawn Of The Antichrist are instant blackened classics that spew out the most toxic of venom. Dark souls who would like to bear witness to some old style Black Metal should really check out the sepulchral underworld of the mighty Archgoat – these guys are back and ready for Satanic mayhem, and there is absolutely no stopping the terror at hand!


(Review by: Kenneth Morton)


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