Armored Saint at M15 Concert Bar

IMG_5994_x400Armored Saint, M15 Concert Bar, November 14, 2015

Armored Saint rocked the sold out crowd at the M15 Concert Bar in Corona, California tonight and it was clear many of the crowd were longtime fans. Fronted by powerhouse vocalist John Bush (who sang for Anthrax starting in the early 90’s and did 5 great albums with the band) they performed a super-intense high-energy set with a mix of old favorites and new material from their latest album Win Hands Down.

Kicking off their set with the title track from Win Hands Down, Saint’s stellar and modern metal chops shone, with fan favorites March of the Saint, Reign of Fire, and Can You Deliver inciting the crowd into a frenzy. Especially notable were Stricken by Fate Symbol of Salvation, the live debut of the new tune Muscle Memory, and 1987’s standout Chemical Euphoria from the Raising Fear album.

Bush is one the best metal singers on the planet, his throaty growl in full flight on this night. His longtime partner in crime, bassist Joey Vera (who has also played with Fates Warning, and did a short stint with Bush in Anthrax) holds down one of metal’s tightest rhythm sections with drummer Gonzo Sandoval. Guitarist Jeff Duncan (also a member of L.A.’s Odin as well as DC4) and Phil Sandoval held down the fort with their spectacular guitar work. Well played show by a very underrated band. 30 years later they still sound great and can bring the house down.

(Review and Photo by Joe Schaefer)

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