ARMOUR: Chaos and Mayhem abound!

Grab a beer and prepare to rock out to the classic heavy metal sounds of the mighty Armour.  Based out of Finland and ready to spread the party into your town, Armour has just unleashed their debut self-titled album on the Hells Headbangers label.  Fans of Accept and WASP are sure to be fired up by Armour’s artillery of tunes, such as Rock N Roll Tonite, Sex Demons, and especially Heavy Metal Drinkers!  Here is a recent interview we conducted with one of the Armour dudes.  Let chaos and mayhem reign supreme…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Armour, and how long the band has been together.
Hello! I am Vince Venom, the guitarist and vocalist of Armour. We’ve been attacking the trends under this banner since 2006!

Where is the band from and what is your local metal scene like there?
We’re from Lappeenranta in South-Eastern Finland. Our local scene is small, but filled with heavy metal maniac sons of the devil!

Describe your music to an elderly relative who thinks it’s so quaint that you are a musician.
“You wouldn’t understand it, it’s in English.”

You had one of your demos released in China. What has been your reaction from the Chinese fans?
Yes the Sonichouse Tape demo was licensed also to China! The response there was very good, even though the Chinese heavy metal culture is still pretty small.

How did you wind up having your CD released here in the States by Hells Headbangers?
Hell’s Headbangers is one of the best North American labels, so it was a honour to be able to release the album through them.

How were you able to get in touch with noted artist Joe Petagno, and how much input did you have on the cover art?
Through e-mail. The cover art was more or less his interpretation of our music!

What is a live Armour show like for those of you who have yet to see you play.
Chaos and mayhem, alcoholic metal hell!

Armour is invited to appear on an Accept tribute CD. What song would you record by Accept and why?
China Lady has always been a favourite Accept song of mine, although there are tons of brilliant tracks from this band.
Somehow this song has a certain contrast to the “average” Accept song which appeals to me.

Are there any Armour groupies wandering around the wilds of Finland or beyond?
Yes of course there are some girls who go wild for Armour!

How surprised were you to see your song Can’t Resist Your Spell on the Finnish charts along with Britney Spears and Madonna?
Actually not very surprised since we knew we could make it if we put enough effort into it. Record sales in Finland are a joke and any real band with enough fans and actually releases worth buying will beat the crap out of mainstream artists on the charts.

There is country version of Hellfire? How did that come about?
Yes, on the b-side of the single. We wanted to have a special track for the b-side of the single and since we’ve played some unplugged shows already, it came into being pretty naturally.

Any chance of Armour making your way to the States for a few shows?
Definitely, if there’s a good offer!

Do you have any messages for metal fanatics here in the States who will be checking out your music for the very first time?
Only one message: HEAVY METAL RULES!

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

Armour on Myspace


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