As Artifacts, End Of Truth, Cobalt Café, February 4, 2013

As Artifacts

As Artifacts, End Of Truth, Cobalt Café, February 4, 2013

It was a Monday night at the Cobalt Café in Canoga Park and As Artifacts was in town on their current headlining tour. Now on free agent after a stint with InVogue Records, the band has self-released a fantastic new full length entitled Strong Hands. The disc is packed with super impassioned tunes and in a live setting, the songs are even more potent. The night may have been a bit more casual than most, but the Concord, CA based collective still unleashed a thoroughly exciting set.

As Artifacts kicked off with the explosive sounds of Generation Swine, a short yet devastating composition before commencing into the super intensive reveries of Chugs Ahoy. Vocalist Travis Bartosek was front and center, deliver the uncompromising lyrics with a stark sense of urgency. The entire As Artifacts lineup was tremendously tight, delivering a ferocious presentation that would set mosh pits across the nation into sonic overdrive. Paying their dues at the moment, there is little doubt that this hard working band will be packing out venues in no time at all. Closing with their supremely heavy standout song Bilbo Swaggins, As Artifacts clearly demonstrated they are a band ready to burst into the big leagues and have the tunes and drive to back it up. Once As Artifacts finds themselves on bigger tours performing at maximum volume, expect these guys to combust in the stratosphere. Definitely the best live show I’ve seen yet from this up and coming band.

End Of Truth

Opening earlier in the evening was End Of Truth from Los Angeles, CA – a local act we’ll surely be hearing a lot more of in future days. Unleashing a dark yet intensive collection of metalcore anthems, End Of Truth was ready and willing to pummel the senses of the Cobalt Café audience. Especially notable was the impassioned yet shadowy performance of Jonathan on vocals, a gifted front man who really draws you in to the darkness at hand. The keyboard underscore from Danny is greatly inspired, weaving through the heaviness with a somber resolve. Felipe and Ric excel with their mighty wall of atmosphere guitar noise while Randy on bass and Eddie on drums drive it all home as the formidable rhythm section.

Top tunes performed included Hopeless Findings, Abandon What Is Lost, and Misconceptions & Their Consequences. A local act that has yet to be discovered by the industry, End Of Truth’s set was the type that gains respect and a good deal of attention. You can download their debut EP The Wreckage We Call Home here. Be sure to catch End Of Truth at the Cobalt on March 2nd, opening for The Air I Breathe and This Romantic Tragedy.

As Artifacts and End Of Truth really made it worth travelling to a show on a chilly Monday night.  Be sure to support your local music scene and the touring acts you enjoy.  This includes talents such as End Of Truth and As Artifacts, hardworking, DIY bands who truly deserve to go on to greater glories.

Another quality show presented by Twohearts Concerts!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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