Ain’t No Party Like The As Artifacts Party!

Based out of the San Francisco Bay area, As Artifacts is a post hardcore / metalcore collective ready to take on the nation.  Their new EP entitled Reclaimation has been unleashed through inVogue Records, a label owned by Before Their Eyes vocalist Nicholas Moore.  The band once known as Sink The Ship! is sure to rise to the very top of the heap with impressive tracks such as Ain’t No Party Like The Donner Party and Threat Level: Midnight.  Here is a recent interview we conducted with a few of the As Artifacts members to find out more about the exciting new entity…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in As Artifacts, and how long the band has been together.
Rudy: I’m Rudy Rosatti, I play guitar and sing.
Mikey: I’m Michael Yankovich, and I play drums.
Joey: I’m Joey Webb and I play piano and synth.
Matt: My name is Matt Yankovich, and I play the electric guitar.
Rudy: Me and couple other guys started the band up in December of 2008 under a different name. After quite a few member changes and a new name, we became As Artifacts in November of 2010.

Where is the San Francisco Bay Area music scene like and how does As Artifacts fit into the scheme of things?
Mikey: Frankly, I feel like the SF Bay scene is pretty dead. We come from the East Bay, and we really struggle to find good venues out here to play. Most touring acts will skip the San Francisco area all together, so a lot of the time you’ll have to drive all the way out to Sacramento or to the Central Valley for shows. We’re lucky to have one of the last legitimate smaller venues in the area. Aside from a smaller show in the back of a restaurant, we’ve actually never played a real San Francisco venue. We’re really just a smaller band trying to make a name for ourselves.

How did you wind up being signed to InVogue Records?
Rudy: After petitioning them repeatedly we finally got their attention, and voilà!
Mikey: We literally harassed them through Facebook until they got in touch with us. Nick and PJ are great dudes.

Is there any story or concept behind the Reclamation EP title?
Matt: Our prerequisites for an album title were: a) one word, and b) it sounds cool.
Joey: We’re kind of terrible a naming things, and Reclamation was one of the better ideas we came up with.
Mikey: In all seriousness, it’s fairly fitting in the sense that we really felt we had some stepping up to do. There was a bit of a stigma on our band when we first formed. We wanted to make sure everyone knew this was us starting from scratch; it was a fresh start.

Where do you get your ideas for some of the song lyrics? Please cite two songs from the EP and what inspired you to write the lyrics.
Rudy: Every time I look to write a song for the band, I think up a theme for the song. Since each song is generally based on whatever I may be going through personally at the time, it allows me to express myself as best I can. For example, Threat Level: Midnight is about wanting to be a part of someone’s life but them not giving you the time of the day.
Matt: Anna Dawson.
Rudy: Never Forget (Rule #7) was themed around meeting someone new and just wanting to tell them how you feel and hoping that they feel the same towards you.

What could one expect from a live As Artifacts show?
Rudy: Every single one of us put our heart and soul into every performance. We aren’t playing to impress anyone, we’re playing to enjoy ourselves and hopefully the crowd does the same.
Joey: Kevin and I just try to be as metal as possible.
Matt: I try to scare people on stage a lot.
Mikey: Matt’s got this face. It really is pretty terrifying.

Have you ever played in the Los Angeles/Orange County area or plan to do so in the future?
Rudy: We actually have a few shows scheduled in the LA area coming up very soon! We’re playing in Hemet, CA on April 4.
Mikey: We’re also playing a few shows in Southern California on our upcoming May/June tour that we can’t quite announce yet.

What kind of touring have you done so far and what has the experience been like?
Rudy: We went on a short tour last summer, had a blast, and look forward to getting on the road as often as possible to get ourselves out to new audiences!
Mikey: It’s definitely a dirty existence. Hot vans and sweaty dudes in the summer don’t mix well.

Who are some of the bigger bands you have opened for in the past?
Rudy: We’ve opened for Greeley Estates, A Bullet For Pretty Boy, and Tides of Man. They all played at our hometown venue back in December and we had a blast doing it.
Matt: Slayer.
Joey: We let Slipknot open for us once.
Mikey: We’re trying pretty hard to get on some of the upcoming Artery Foundation tour dates with bands like Woe, Is Me and Of Mice & Men. I’m not sure how it’s going to pan out, but we can dream.

Have you ever played your local Warped Tour, and if so, what was the experience like?
Rudy: We haven’t gotten the opportunity, unfortunately, but we’d love to in the future!

What made you decide to change your band name from Sink This Ship and who came up with the name As Artifacts? Any significance behind the name?
Matt: There was a Slovenian boy band using the same name and they threatened to sue us. We had no real option other than to change our name.
Joey: To be frank, it was really an entirely new band. Musically and member-wise, we weren’t the same band that Sink This Ship! was.
Mikey: Joey and I came up with the name, at least, that’s what I remember, though Matt would disagree. I thought Artifacts sounded cool, but then we thought it might get confused with Architects. Joey then randomly put the word “As” in front of it, and it kind of stuck.

Do you think your tour with Rosaline will get rescheduled?
Rudy: We’ll be releasing quite a bit of information on upcoming tours in the new few weeks, actually.
Mikey: As the tour was originally, no, that’s not happening. But we can say we will be on the road with them soon.

What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most after hearing your music?
Rudy: Just remember that we write each of our songs from the heart, and hope you find a way to relate our songs to yourself in some way.

Any final words of wisdom?
Matt: Turn up the mids, use heavy gauge strings, and play Teles in standard. Real men use single coils.
Joey: What makes you think the world we live in? It’s all a facade.
Mikey: Support music. Go to a show, buy a shirt or a CD. It’s rough out on the road. You guys are what is keeping the music scene alive. Superdoom for life. Stay pissed.

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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  1. cris 8 years ago

    good article and i like the comment about go buy merch! this is a reality for all of the bands, the sales from merch is what helps these guys stay on the road.

  2. Jon 8 years ago

    i love this band…fuckin amazing music….and cannot wait for the Hemet show on April 4th….will be crazy….check out Burning The Empire playing the show as well…..

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