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Since the release of their previous effort Adelphia in June of 2009, A Skylit Drive has been massively occupied with life spent on the road. Included would be an entire summer on Warped Tour and participation in a rampage across the country called Average Guys With Exceptional Air.  At present A Skylit Drive finds themselves in direct support of Thursday and Underoath – all while getting ready to celebrate the release of a brand new collection of songs. Identity On Fire is the name of A Skylit Drive’s third full-length album, and it’s a blazing hot ride for a band ready to break on through to the big time.

Carry The Broken is an inspiring opening track, short yet presenting a rousing call for their fans to sing along and join in on the celebration of life. The disc them slams into the melodic strains of Too Little Too Late, demonstrating right away just how dynamic and effective A Skylit Drive has become as musicians and songwriters.

XO Skeleton is an instant classic that the band is destined to be playing in their set for years to come – complete with an infectious chorus and driving breakdowns throughout. A true victory of a song in the grand tradition of Underoath’s Reinventing Your Exit.

Conscious Is A Killer is another standout cut, a fast paced tune guaranteed to get the audience moving and shaking when performed live.

The hits keep on coming with X Marks the Spot, where the lyrics begin with the blasting, “This is where your heart stops,” the entire piece performed with a strong sense of passion and conviction. The Cali Buds is a heated track about the Southland embellished by some wondrous keyboard work and pulsating beats and breakdowns.

Your Mistake features Michael “Jag” Jagmin at his most thrilling as a performer, showing that he’s come a long way since his time spent as the Odd Project lead vocalist in their final days. Definitely Jagman at his most emotive and impassioned. Then there’s the aggressively titled Fuck The System, featuring some glorious work from screamer/drummer Cory La Quay.

500 Days Of Bummer features progressive guitars and soaring vocals while Tempt Me, Temptation has an almost southern rock and metal feel to it. The title cut Identity On Fire sweeps through the recording with an all out fury, followed by the heavy yet cosmic sounds of the concluding track If You Lived Here You’d Be Home.

A thoroughly satisfying work from beginning to end, Identity On Fire by A Skylit Drive is sure to increase their already impressive fan base. Produced with skilled precision by Cameron Webb – who has worked with everyone from Silverstein to Motorhead – the perfect collaboration to be sire.  The third time is definitely the charm for these Lodi, CA based musicians. An exhilarating  journey through spiraling sound from a band well on their way to even greater glories.

A Skylit Drive consists of Michael “Jag” Jagmin on lead vocals, Brian White on bass guitar, screams, Joey Wilson on guitar, Nick Miller on guitar, Kyle Simmons on keyboards, piano, synthesizers, programming, electronics, and Cory La Quay on drums, percussion, and screams.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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