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The summer is heating up here in the USA. Making it all the way here from the UK, As It Is is on the Warped Tour all summer long. A fairly new band with just a couple EP’s, Fearless Records found this young punk pop band and signed them. As It Is are currently playing songs from their debut full length release Never Happy, Ever After. Here is a brief introduction interview about the band that was done on the first day of summer and on Father’s Day June 21, 2015. This was also the third full day of the Vans Warped Tour. This interview was done with founding members Patty Walters and Andy Westhead.

Even though you have a debut full length CD out, how does someone find your EP or Ep’s including The Mind Of Mine, Two Track and Bienheim Place?
In our bedrooms. There isn’t any physical formats of them left. We did a small physical run of them and we sold out of them and haven’t made any more of them. The Mind Of Mine and the others are all digital now and available on the internet. For some of these Ep’s were never actually physically made. So they are only available digitally and only on the internet.

Speaking of Bienheim Place you have an acoustic version available of that song. Where is Bienheim Place and what s that song about?
It’s a street in Brighton where we are from. It’s basically our first story for when we were becoming a band. Where we all kind of recruited as the first members of this band there. We broke into an abandoned single hall and did a photo shoot. Our band member guitarist Glen had a vertigo experience on top of the gate. It was a very bizarre experience. And so this is kind of our first story and yet exciting.

Were you surprised as a band that Fearless Records signed your band so fast?
It was unbelievable. When our manager brought up what concept of what label we would like to be signed to ideally it was Fearless at the top of our list. Artistically and demographically they represented everything we wanted from a label. And the fact that they reached out to us, they made us the first UK bands to be in their roster, is very unbelievable and surreal.

With the Vans Warped Tour coming over for a short tour in Europe, are you guys playing it too since your playing the American Vans Warped Tour segments?
We wish we were. We will still be on tour.

You have a new song called Silence (Pretending’s So Comfortable). What is a secret that you didn’t want to get out?
There have been plenty of secrets that have gotten out about Ben. Ben is like an encyclopedia of embarrassing moments. That is such a great question it has stumped us. I don’ think as far as we go there has been any secrets that have ever gotten out. We are incredibly boring non interesting band. There’s nothing to hide. That song was written with Ben and I about a fictitious break up. We actually both have long term girlfriends. So we wrote it from the point of view of having to break up with them. Pretending To Be So Comfortable part comes from that it’s easy to stay in a relationship because you have invested in it for so long that it’s comfortable to keep pretending but at some point in it this has to be the way. Fortunately we are both still together with our girlfriends but it was quite an eventful writing process. We got very sad in doing so. Otherwise I would have had to actually break up with her. And both of us would have had to break up with our girlfriends just to write that song.

Can’t Save Myself is another new song of yours. What would you like if you could save about yourself what would that be?
Like to save anything about childhood. Optimism and naivety. The more older you get the more jaded you get and cynical. You also get more closed minded and grumpy. Never want to be grumpy. Just want to save that childhood part. Keeping that childhood at heart.

What is the meaning behind your title of your debut cd Never Happy, Ever After?
That is a lyric from off of track three from the song Sorry. Basically we had written all these sad songs. Which happened to end up as a collection of eleven sad songs. So we thought it was a really fitting title for a record. Lyrically we are pessimistic and we focused on worse case scenarios. And then we listened to the inner turmoil in our heads about stuff. So that is why we went with that title.

Besides getting signed to a record deal, would you have done this on your own anyways?
We would of still loved to do it. Even though we may not of known how to go about it ourselves. This has been something that we wanted to do. Playing music Is something that we all would of done. So we would still be playing music signed or not. This is a great opportunity that has supported us. It’s all been in creditable.

Catch this combination British/US punk pop band while they are on the Vans Warped Tour 2015 From mid-June through early August and maybe through this fall here in the USA.

(Interview by Jonathan D. Wright – Live Photos by Ken Morton)

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