At The Skylines

The Secrets To Life by At The Skylines (Roadrunner Records)

Roadrunner Records is the home to such metal heavyweights as Megadeth, Opeth, and Trivium – and recently added into the lethal mixture of talent is the metalcore band At The Skylines. Hailing for the OC music scene, At The Skylines traveled across the ocean to work with producer Fredrik Nordstrom of the mighty Dream Evil at the legendary Studio Fredman. Something in the air at the metal mecca of Gothenburg, Sweden must have inspired At The Skylines tremendously, as The Secrets To Life is an explosive debut!  Having more in common with Bring Me The Horizon than At The Gates (two bands that have also recorded at Studio Fredman), At The Skylines unleashes tremendous breakdowns, heroic guitar riffs, and a duel vocal assault that should impress extreme music fans all across the board.

The Secrets To Life reveals itself with the not so silent Hush, a devastating assault to the senses that will instantly hook the listener in for the soaring journey ahead. The sonic inflections of It’s Cherried is next, with both the screamed and clean vocals hitting a fevered pitch.

Shady Dreamin’ (Tension) was previously released as a single, a fantastic representation of the band featuring the highly affecting “Do you feel like you’re running away?” chorus. 143 Princess presents the best of the melodic side of the band while delivering a heavy dose of brutal intensity at the end.

Let’s Burn This is an impassioned cut sure to send mosh pits into overdrive when performed live. Turbulence then flies into the stars with its expressive sense of urgency and sonic breakdowns.  The winning chorus made this a great choice for a single as well.

Chapter 7 is memorable track with its “Sitting on the rooftops” and “Waiting to be saved by the morning light” edginess meshing wildly infectious passages with breakdowns from the bowels of the hell.

You took my heart away,” are the heated screams kicking off The Amazing Atom, a powerful song about “getting sexy for a second” and “dreaming of unconditional love.” Obviously an important song for the band, and one that is sure to hit into the hearts of At The Skylines fans everywhere. Kellin Quinn from Sleeping with Sirens makes a guest appearance on this top-notch track.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts is a driving composition lamenting about how “everything is changing right in front of me.” And the closing out The Secrets To Life on a cautiously optimistic note is Forgiveness – a mesmerizing conclusion that will surely inspire repeatedly listening of the entire album.

Placing Southern California squarely back on the map when it comes to heavy music with heart, At The Skylines is destined leave a lasting impression on fans of acts such as The Devil Wears Prada and We Came As Romans. Expect to see these guys headlining their own shows in no time at all.

At The Skylines consists of Chris Shelley on vocals, Mark Barela on vocals, Shawn Yates on guitar, Billy Barber on guitar, and David Angle on drums. Be sure to catch them on the Scream It Like You Mean It tour this summer!

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