SCORN by AVSKY (Moribund Records)

Epic black metal hymns of hatred abound on Avsky’s third and surely most ambitious effort to date. Scorn packs a walloping punch that fans of legendary bands such as Darkthrone and Gorgoroth are sure to vastly appreciate. Of the 6 opuses to be found on this mighty release, most are over 9 minutes in length, supplying an gloriously grim and somber experience. Heavy as hell and searing with malevolent atmospherics, one could easily find themselves hopelessly lost in the Avsky’s dark and unforgiving soundscapes.

The Swedish duo kick off the bleak festivities with the catastrophic As Mountains Collapse, and the doom and gloom reveries continue on throughout the masterwork. No Compassion, No Regrets is potent and anthem-like in scope, blasting at the listen with a dire, malignant force. The heavy grooves and harsh tortured growls on this one render the cut an absolute standout.

Dead End continues Avsky’s death march into infamy, with it’s primitive canvas absolutely desolate and oppressive. The Beyond supplies cautious respite with its melodic interludes, followed by the last two cuts (Scorn and The Sickness Within) spinning the disc towards its a breathtaking conclusion.

The duo who present the Avsky manifesto are AE on guitar, bass and vocals and TO on vocals and drums. A compelling work of blackened art to be sure, the type that nightmares of isolation and endless depression are made of. Be sure to check into Scorn by Avsky, and prepare to find your own little piece of our world at end.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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