Bad Magic by Motörhead (UDR Music)

motorhead_badmagic_coverBad Magic by Motörhead (UDR Music)

With each and every Motörhead album that has assaulted the world at large since the dawn of time (well 1975 actually), you always knew exactly what you were getting into. A slamming punk metal hybrid of devastating yet catchy tunes featuring the iconic Lemmy Kilmister, singing with a commanding sense of urgency and conviction. Bad Magic is Motörhead’s 22nd magnum opus, produced by longtime collaborator Cameron Webb, containing a lucky 13 tracks ready to fully possess your soul. Showing Lemmy and company in their finest hour this late in a brilliant career, expect Bad Magic to appear on many a top ten list when 2015 spins to its diabolic conclusion. Not too sure why none of these songs were being playing at their recent Shrine Auditorium concert in Los Angeles, as the tracks contained within compare exceeding well with classics such as Ace Of Spades and Overkill.

Bad Magic begins to weave its mystical spell with a blast of atomic energy entitled Victory Or Die, clearly showing that Motörhead 2015 is more than capable of melting faces on what is now their 40th anniversary as a band. The torrential Thunder & Lightning then follows at hurricane force, raining its unearthly fury on the listener. The combustible refrains of Fire Storm Hotel guarantee to have metal fans of all generations banging their heads in a fevered unity. On to the sonic barrage known as Shoot Out All Of Your Lights, sounding like someone has declared World War III on your speakers, followed by an infernal auditory visit from The Devil himself.

motorhead_xxxx_band)The sparks fly with an all-out vengeance on Electricity and then the blistering grooves of the Evil Eyes wink at you with fiendish glee. Teach Them How To Bleed shows Lemmy and company at their most murderous, driving an earsplitting stake into the heart of the matter. Till The End is a ballad done Motörhead style, featuring Lemmy singing the blues with a dynamic sense of ferocity. It’s then back to the unforgiving blasts to the cranium as Motörhead unleashes the lethal one-two punch of Tell Me Who To Kill and Choking On Your Screams.

The grand finale of Bad Magic is infinitely memorable – When The Sky Comes Looking For You leaves an indelible impression with each member of Motörhead crashing through in a big and triumphant way. And even the Rolling Stones will have to concede that Lemmy and Company unleash an absolutely inspired rendition of the infamous Sympathy For The Devil – surely one of the greatest covers of the song ever committed to disc!

The infernal sounds of the mighty Motörhead are brought to you courtesy of Lemmy Kilmister on lead vocals and bass guitar (1975–present), Phil Campbell on guitar and backing vocals (1984–present), and Mikkey Dee on drums (1992–present). Here’s hoping Motörhead continue to terrorize the masses for the many metal years ahead! Judging by what’s heard within the fiery confines of Bad Magic, there will be no stopping this legendary collective still hell-bent on possessing a great big world of Motörhead fanatics!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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