Just in time for The Take Action Tour, Bayside has released a new CD and are not on the Victory Record label any longer. So after 5 albums on a major label getting to be independent still holds a large promise for Bayside. If you take Green Day’s strong ambitious no nonsense style and stir it up with Nirvana’s free style aggression – and shake them with the charms of Weezer’s catchy song writing, then this is what you get from the new Bayside record Killing Time.

The CD holds 10 songs to grab at you and throw you into a listening frenzy. Bayside with this release has proved they can write more than an emo record. With producer Gil Norton (Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters), Bayside has made Killing Time, a legitimate hard rock album. In this case it’s more of a real rock album with fast riffs and catchy choruses. Sure the old emo is still filtered in but only slightly.

The song Already Gone opens up the album that sets the pace for the record with fast riffs and big choruses. Next Sick, Sick, Sick for sure solidifies Bayside is back with a very strong vengeance. These up-tempo singles give Bayside fans familiar old school fast paced punk with a modern rock elements which is new from the band. So listeners, your in for a treat from this new independent rocker release. Catch them on tour soon.

(Review by Jonathan D. Wright)


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