Bears Among Men

Restored by Bears Among Men (Self-released EP)

Bears Among Men is a dynamic post hardcore band from Lompoc, CA who exudes a wondrous sense of adventure and exhilaration within their music. An unsigned entity at present, the hard working band has been playing throughout Southern California, garnering a good deal of fans and friends along the way.

On the prowl since 2009, the collective has recently unleashed their debut EP entitled Restored – five songs destined to bring even the most sleepiest music critic out of hibernation and into the nearest mosh pit.

Restored kicks into supersonic gear with the thrashing sounds of The Archives, with searing guitars, mesmerizing breakdowns, and impassioned vocals instantly grabbing the listener by throat. If You Could See Us Know is decidedly ominous, with it’s stunning lyrical content and spiraling melodies.

“We all have crosses to bear,” the opening passage screams out on From Fall Comes Rise, a hard hitting composition featuring the participation of Taylor Voeltz from Mureau. Call Me When You’re Close is an exciting cut, featuring a wildly infectious pop-punk style chorus smashing into tremendously heavy breakdowns.  The ferocious unclean vocals then transports the entire song into the stratosphere.

The disc spins to its sonic conclusion way too soon with Vultures; Vessels – complete with an stripped down ending where the clean and screamed vocals dazzle the senses – super intense even as all of the musical instruments are suddenly rendered silent.

Restored by Bears Among Men is a compelling first effort from a hard working band who at this stage is already exuding a good deal of ambition and skill. The aforementioned Taylor Voeltz produced the EP with imagination and flair, bringing out the very best the Lompoc collection has to offer. The resourceful inhabitants found within the den include Jose on vocals, Kyle on bass and vocals, Fernando on guitar, Ryan on guitar, and Gregg on drums. Expect these talented cubs to roar out into the big leagues when the New Year comes around!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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