Becoming The Archetype at Cobalt Cafe

becomingtour1Becoming The Archetype, Bermuda, The Burial, Montezuma, Cobalt Café, May 22, 2013

It was a night of heavy music in the wilds of Canoga Park, with the Cobalt Café and Twohearts Concerts hosting a touring package of three tremendous  bands on the rise. Headlined by the vastly underrated Becoming The Archetype and featuring a long overdue (almost) hometown appearance by Bermuda, the event was filled with a colossal intensity that was thrilling to witness.

It may have been a Wednesday night, but this factor certainly did not stop the true fans from supporting both the out-of-towners and the local acts. The SFV music scene once again rises to the occasion! Here are the bands Highwire Daze checked out…


montezuma1Based out of Newhall, Montezuma has not played a show in eight months, and the sonic revenge the band spewed forth was sweet! Fans of acts such as Suffocation and Nile are destined to uncover a new favorite when exploring the sonic terrains of the mighty Montezuma. Opening with the spiraling sounds of Sundial, the band exuded both imagination and intrigue within their songs. The musicianship was absolutely first rate, with credits going to Andrew Brown on guitars, Adam Correa on guitars and vocals, Imhotep Shabazz on bass and vocals, and Jett Vera on drums.

Other explosive tunes unleashed included Prehistoric Hyperblast and Out Of Body Experience. Definitely a collective to be on the lookout for in future days! Montezuma is back, and they are out for blood!  And if you are from L.A., enjoy heavy music, and have no idea who these guys are, let the discovery now commence.

Montezuma will return to wreck havoc on the Cobalt Café on July 13th, supporting Mouth Of The Serpent and Apparitions!

The Burial

theburial1Holy hell! Was that an earthquake or did The Burial just arrive and exhume the stage? One of the heaviest bands on the Facedown Records roster of talent, this South Bend, Indiana collective brought their own staggering brand of hard hitting metal to the Cobalt Café. Presenting an all-out artillery of sound, a live assault by The Burial is sure to awaken the dead. Opening with the glorious Lights, the Cobalt audience paid a good amount of attention to the skill and precision these guys delivered within their set.

Wretched Restless Forms was a new track unleashed, a dynamic song from their upcoming album In The Taking Of Flesh out July 9th. Other songs played during their super brutal set included Pearls: The Frailty Of Matter, and the mesmerizing Salt and Wraith.

Admirers of The Black Dahlia Murder and Mastodon need to check out the visionary musical tapestries of The Burial and prepare to be absolutely riveted. Here’s hoping we see The Burial digging up the Southland again soon!


bermuda1It has been awhile since Bermuda has made an appearance at the Cobalt, but the Oxnard based crew was back with a vengeance, and brought a rapid collection of fans with them. Touring all across the country in support of The Wandering on Mediaskare Records, Bermuda is a  progressive hardcore force of nature that is not to be missed!  Top songs performed included Parasitic, The Human Herd and the earth shattering In Trenches. The pit went into overdrive during most of the set, with mosh pit enthusiastic reveling in the relentless barrage of ferocity emitting from the stage.

Bermuda features the talents of Corey Bennett on vocals, Michael Fabiano on guitar, Trent Davenport on drums, and Rob Bollig on bass. Joining the band on this tour was Justin Edgerton on guitar, whose main band Seeker had just been signed to Victory Records! The hard working Bermuda is destined to be headlining their own shows all across the nation soon, if their Cobalt set is indicative of greater glories to come.  Count on it!

Becoming The Archetype

becomingthe1As mentioned at the beginning of the review, Becoming The Archetype unveil hugely imaginative progressive metal that has gone under the radar for far too long. Five albums in, all on the Solid State label, and the band continues to show a thrilling innovation and passion for their craft. For those who stayed to witness their late set, Becoming The Archetype presented a compelling performance that sent the room spinning.

Delivering songs from their various recordings, highlights of the show included The Ocean Walker, The Eyes Of The Storm, and the truly magnificent How Great Thou Art.  Front man Chris McKane exuded an easy going rapport with the crowd, and delivered the spiritual based lyrics with a dynamic sense of urgency and conviction. Although no original members remain within the membership (rhythm guitar, keyboards, clean vocals Seth Hecox has been on board since 2004 – the rest from 2010 on), the collective remains a vibrant entity and continues to spread a positive message of hope through their intensive music.

Seeing the sonic art of Becoming The Archetype in a small venue such as the Cobalt Café is a rare and wondrous treat to the senses!  And thus concluded another memorable night in the San Fernando Valley, courtesy of the folks at Twohearts Concerts!

(Review by Kenneth Morton – Photos by Edward Brandon)


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