Boy Jumps Ship

Be Good. Be Gracious. by Boy Jumps Ship (Self-released EP)

Boy Jumps Ship takes a giant leap towards the stratosphere with their third EP entitled Be Good. Be Gracious. Based out of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Boy Jumps Ship presents indie pop rock and roll gems in the grand tradition of Taking Back Sunday and Death Cab For Cutie. The four tracks found within are destined to acquire Boy Jumps Ship a good deal of attention worldwide. Expect new fans to hop on board once they encounter the massive tunes these talented UK lads has to offer.

Be Good. Be Gracious kicks off in a glorious way with the dynamic and thoroughly infectious Black Hearts Don’t Beat – an all-out anthem that has considerable hit single potential. The thrilling aural sensations continue with the victorious inflections of Better Days, with its swirling chorus that will remain in your head for ages.

Fugitive is up next, unleashed with a grand sense of vibrant passion and urgency. And then closing out the EP on a stunning note is a slice of indie rock perfection entitled Let Me In. Although the sonic exhibition ends way too soon, there are more than enough reasons to go back and listen to the tunes all over time and again – and at maximum volume!

The resourceful Boy Jumps Ship lineup consists of Si Todd on vocals and guitar, Jonathan Douglas on guitar and vocals, Jonny Rob on bass and vocals, and Gav Gates on drums and vocals. A wonderfully exhilarating EP that would even launch the most jaded of music critic into a blissful state of appreciation, Be Good. Be Gracious. is an exciting collection of songs well worth seeking out. Expect Boy Jumps Ship to hurdle their way into the big leagues with this one – the third time will indeed the charm!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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