The Rapturous Artistry of Betty Moon


The Rapturous Artistry of Betty Moon

Betty Moon certainly knows what it’s like to persevere and maintain your creative integrity within the ruthless machine known as the music industry. Once signed to A&M Records with a Self-titled album issued in 1991, Betty Moon would truly develop her art long after the major label deal would spin to an end. And now in 2014, Amourphous has been unleashed through Evolver Music Inc. An enigmatic work that is certain to leave a lasting impression, Amourphous is sure to tingle the senses of all adventurous musical types. Betty Moon was featured at the Sunset Strip Music Festival last year, sharing the stage with Marilyn Manson, Quiet Riot, Black Label Society, and The Offspring – and she has opened for none other than the iconic Pink Floyd. Let’s take the time to meet Betty Moon and discover her rapturous artistry.  Read on…

What was the name of the very first song you wrote, how old were you, and what was the song about?
I was fourteen. It was called “Mechanical Thinker“. Sort of Devo-sounding I suppose. Picture robotic movements and thoughts… it was brilliant. lol

Where are you based out of, what is the music scene like there, and how do you fit into the scheme of things?
I’m stationed in Los Angeles. The music scene is definitely picking up here. I don’t know if I fit in. I’ve never really felt I’ve fit in anywhere. Yes I’m an outcast. I’ve come to terms with that long ago.

Is there any story or concept behind the album title Amourphous?
It’s nondescript by definition but there is an underlying story. Its fairly introspective based upon experiences in my life and others around me. There’s fiction truth and quirkiness happening throughout, but there is a story if you read the album like a book.

bettymoon1Select two songs from Amourphous and what inspired the lyrics.
I just started singing Valentine and then it became more of a period piece from a time past. Honeytrap was inspired by watching a James Bond movie and deciding to write something for one. Its about the femme fatale persona and leading the victim to his death in the most sensual and luring way.

What could one expect from a live Betty Moon show?
Thats for each one of you to find out. You will certainly be entertained, I can assure you of that.

What was the experience like being signed to A&M Records and how much pressure was there to be signed to a big label?
I was extremely excited one minute and then became dreadfully bummed out the next. Life goes on, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move on. You don’t have to be signed to feel pressure though.

What advice would you give a band or recording artist seeking out a record deal?
I would tell them getting a deal is not what its cracked out to be. Its harder without a machine behind you, but you have way more freedom when you are indie and you don’t feel like you’re being controlled. There are perks with both. Ultimately you just want to make good music that you are proud of that you can listen to without any cringe factor. Staying true to yourself and your art is always a good approach I suppose.

What was the experience like playing the Sunset Strip Festival, and were you able to meet or hang out with any if the other performers?
Marilyn Manson’s drummers Jason Sutter was in my band when he got the call about doing the Marilyn Manson tour. It was a strong festival. I think one of the best ever. The Offspring guys were fun. There was a good kind of chaos in the air and everyone was out an about at the clubs on Sunset. We had a blast. I hope we get another opportunity to play another.

What was it like opening for the legendary Pink Floyd and did they comment on your music at all?
Yes they were very complimentary nice guys. I was really nervous but we had a strong following and lots of great feedback and support from everyone.

If you could open for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
I would love to open for The Rolling Stones. That would be a dream come true.

What¹s up next for Betty Moon?
Stay tuned for my best album ever. It is going to kill. I’m in the process of making it and we are already getting very very excited to share it would you and the world.

Any final words of wisdom?
Enjoy your life, work hard, play hard, be nice and be happy. Love one another.

(Interview by Ken Morton)

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  1. Gordon & Leona 5 years ago

    What a nice article, congrats! My only question is “when is a media company going to make a LOVE tab next to the Like tab?” Wow, what fun to watch you Betty, thank you. Gordon & Leona

  2. Gordon & Leona 5 years ago

    Awesome, loved the interview! What a treat it is to follow you Betty. Thank you, especially from Leona. Gordon & Leona

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