Pantomania by Betty Moon (Evolver Music Inc.)

FOLDOVERPantomania by Betty Moon (Evolver Music Inc.)

Based out of the legendary Los Angeles music scene via Toronto, the enigmatic Betty Moon remains a wondrously imaginative performer now at the height of her creative energies. Comparisons to Florence and the Machine and Massive Attack may abound, but Betty Moon injects her own sense of wonder and intrigue into the music – and the results are nothing short of phenomenal. Pantomania is the artist’s latest magnum album, a glorious collection of vibrant tapestries that will tantalize the senses of all adventurous musical types.

I’ve been waiting for you,” Betty Moon purrs with a subtle sensuality on No Good, instantly hooking the listener in for the hypnotic journey ahead. The pulsating Thunder trips through your speakers with Ms. Moon’s alluring vocals and the auditory ecstasy coming to grips with its seething “tell me everything’s alright” sentiments.

Feel The Pressure is dark and funky with its rapturous incantations of “give into it” piercing through the soul. And then there’s a stunning cover of the Rolling Stones classic Gimme Shelter, with Betty Moon truly rendering this song her very own. Come Into My Light is Ms. Moon at her most infectious, bleeding a landscape of danger and mystery onto the dancefloor. Temple Diablo is a heated affair with its acid rock inflections burning the listener from the inside.

Hunger Pants is straight up rock and roll with a feverish Pretenders-like twist – it would be wonderful to hear a song such as this one infecting airwaves all across the nation. And then closing out Pantomania is the stylish Fire Hose, sounding like a head-trip from the 70’s coming to an ultra-vivid otherworldly life.

Although signed to A&M Records back in the early 90’s, it’s as an independent artist where Betty Moon is making the most impact. Give Pantomania a spin and prepare to be transported into a dark yet exotic world of one of the most captivating, thoroughly underrated artist dazzling our local music scene today.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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