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As many await the grand return of the ground breaking 80’s sensation Culture Club, Boy George has been collaborating away on a new project with Kinky Roland, coming up with the mesmerizing dance hypnotics of Ordinary Alien.

Inspiring and trance-like, there are 15 dazzling tracks featured on the disc, clearly demonstrating that Boy George retains his soulful voice made so famous on earlier Culture Club hits such as Do You Really Want To Hurt Me and Church Of The Poison Mind. There are definitely quite a few sweet cuts contained on Ordinary Alien destined to become fan favorites.

Ordinary Alien kicks off with the extraordinary Turn 2 Dust, instantly transporting the listener in with its dazzling sense of empowerment over the adversity of hatred – a song celebrating all the wonderful differences and intricacies of humankind. This is one definitely hit single material, destined to be played in dance clubs all over the world.

On Yes We Can, President Obama’s various speeches are sampled in an infectious track that is thrilling and inspiration. Brand New will definitely make the listener want to shake it and sway with the colorful beats, stylish keyboards, and Boy George’s brilliant and tender vocal performance.

Amazing Grace is techno trance to the hilt, and surely a thrill to the senses – featuring sensual female vocals as well as Boy George’s own signature inflections. Another track that has the listener taking notice is a super infectious cover of the Fleetwood Mac classic Go Your Own Way, re-imagined with a sense of flair and wonder by Kinky Roland and Boy George.

The hot disco modulations of Time Machine are impassioned and dazzling to its very core, sending the listener into a hyperspace of heavenly aural delights. Sanitized is even more hardcore with it’s ranting chants and intensive funk electro beats.

Be sure to stick it out the end for the striking tribal rhythms of Look Pon U, with fierce reggae-style vocals making for an astonishing, entirely unpredictable conclusion. One may find different favorites with repeated listening, absolutely required to really fully grasp the magnitude and sheer radiance of this alluring work. A successful team effort that is sure to excite and enchant both techno enthusiasts and long time Boy George admirers.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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