Blake Bliss: Your Demons Cry

There is no greater challenge than the living of life and the great battle of the demons that come with it.  Blake Bliss is well aware of the dark entities, having to battle depression throughout most of his life.  Music is a sure cathartic way to redemption, and it has helped Blake get through many a hard time.  On the verge of releasing a new collection of material entitled Your Demons Cry, we thought we’d check in with Mr. Bliss to find out more about his compelling music visions…

Tell me about your hometown and what your music scene is like there.
My hometown is a very quiet and peaceful place, close, to the thriving independent music scene of Greater Toronto.

What made you decide to combine “ LetterBoxBlack” and Blake Bliss into one single Endeavour?
We decided to consolidate the brands in late 2009, when we started to use YouTube more extensively to promote our activities under the Blake Bliss brand. We also felt a merging of the acoustic elements of Letterbox Black and the electronic elements of Blake Bliss formed a unique combination.

Is there any story or concept behind the CD title Your Demons Cry?
I pulled the album title from the song Constellations.  Many aspects of this album reflect on facing your shadow side or ‘demons’.  The light inside doesn’t extinguish.  And why?  Because the shadows never dim it.

How does the music on your new CD compare to the previous Blake Bliss release?
I’m not sure if this would be a fair comparison; the previous album was an entirely different form of musical expression.  We focused a lot more updating the previous EP and expanding on the most recent songs established in 2009.  I wanted to create and construct a dynamic acoustic album; indicative to a more pure acoustic sound

Where did you get the idea for the lyrics on the Love Away single?
Love Away deals with issues regarding abandonment, bereavement, and the rise and fall of emotional trauma within relationships. The songs lyrics show to break free from the pain, and” Smile till it hurts less”.

Tell me about the Love Away video – who came up with the concept and who is the girl in the video.
Mark Vituska and I both worked on the concept; using the Television Studio location, Mark filmed the video.  My close friend Jennifer J was my first choice for the role of the ‘love connection.’  She is a model for various agencies in the Greater Toronto Area.

Ocean One is a unique track.  Where did you get the ideas for the lyrics for that single?
The inspiration for this track was brought on by experiences derived from 2008-2009 when I lost two very close friends.  The emotional trauma manifested itself within this song creating a solemn tale.

Pick two additional songs from the new CD and tell me what inspired you to write the lyrics.
A). Wandering Wondering – Most of my life I felt left out and isolated.  It is about encouraging people to find inner balance and happiness, and to never let go of their desires.
B). Separated By Few-I wrote this song during a very difficult time in my life.  In essence it’s a message of hope; to believe you can push through obstacles and conquer problems as they present themselves to you.

How has music been helpful when it comes to dealing with depression?
In my earlier years, I always felt I didn’t have a voice or a means to express my true self.  Music saved my life; it allowed me to fully release the emotional weight I was bearing, by unlocking a passion that I can now share with the world.

For those who do not have the talent of music to turn to, what are some resources you could suggest in dealing with depression?
Anyone can benefit from releasing emotions through some form of musical or artistic expression.  I am involved with an online community ( where young people are encouraged to do just that, as a constructive way to let go of their pain or anger.

How is the Blake Bliss website going and what could people find on there? contains all the latest updates about the band, photos, news and information.  Our music will also be available from the online store.

How has VOSQQ been coming along?  I understand the band played some recent shows.
VOSQQ is doing well; booking and performing shows at various venues.  We are currently working on some new tracks, one of which I recently posted on titled ‘Respite.’

Tell me about the other members of Blake Bliss and how they become involved with the project?
Tnon and I are the creators of the initial project.  Aeson joined us from “LetterBoxBlack” as a multi-instrumentalist and writer.

Any chance of Blake Bliss coming down here to the States to do some shows?
Now the new Blake Bliss album is complete; we certainly foresee visiting some venues in the L.A. area.

Any final words of wisdom?
Alone together we have a voice.  United we make a difference.  Salvation lies within.
Stay safe. Be well. Be peaceful.
We hope you enjoy the new album. See you on

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

(Blake Bliss Highwire Daze pix taken on 07/11/10)

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Blake Bliss Youtube Channel

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