Bleeding Fist: Blackened Metal from Slovenia

bleedingfistFrom the mysterious lands of Slovenia emerges the mighty metallic sounds of Bleeding Fist. Scorching the earth with their supreme brand of pure evil, their latest opus Bestial Kruzizifix666ion is currently cursing an unsuspecting world. Released Stateside by the grand and glorious Moribund Cult, Bestial Kruzizifix666ion is an absolute underground classic! Here is a recent email interview the entire band filled out…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Bleeding Fist, and how long the band has been together.
Well by now we are preparing the stuff for our Slovenian Black Crucifixion Tour which will end with an exclusive show in Italy – these days we have been confirmed to play at the mighty United Slavic Swords fest too in Beograd (Serbia) along the blast gods Infernal War along with Inferno, Kozeljnik and Wolf’s Hunger. As for Bleeding Fist we are together for 5 years the next year.

What is the metal scene like in Slovenia and how does Bleeding Fist fit into the scheme of thing?
I guess there is no solid metal scene in Slovenian as most of the bands and individuals involved are by their own spitting at each other, and I guess this is not the best approach to the metal scene. If we want or not, we are of course one of the Slovenian metal scene, but as I said before the scene here is sad.

Being from Slovenia, how did you wind up signing with the mighty Moribund Cult?
We got in contact with them with some of our promos from the recorded stuff and all – then all went by his way…

I have read somewhere that you recorded your entire album in just 8 hours? What was that experience like to do the recording so quickly?
In our recording we want to focus on live experiences and it’s sounding so we want to keep the all-in-one feeling by recording this track entirely in live mode. All was like playing live which is a great thing and the final result is really good.

Where did you get the ideas for some of the lyrics on Bestial Kruzifix666ion? Please cite a few songs and what they are about…
Our lyrics can be described with one word – EVILNESS. If anybody want to dig into the lyrically word of Bleeding Fist can find all the material in the booklet of Bestial Kruzizifix666ion.

What is a live Bleeding Fist show like for those of us who have yet to see you play?
Imagine being in a satanic war embraced with impaled swine heads and gas mask, covered with blood and flesh – and this nightmare never ends with a good end…

Any chance of Bleeding Fist coming over to the States to do some shows?
Chances are for sure – keep checking our official sites – maybe someday you will see some USA dates. Those dates will be for sure the most fucked-up ever-great gigs… We are very impatient to see the USA crowned in blood as we think is far more different then the European – in a positive way!

What does Satanism mean to you, if anything…
Such thinks are always taken with a big dose of personality and self-discovering and the best is to keep them in for you and where they are… if you are in it you understand it. END.

Who are some of the more known bands you have opened for in the past?
Years ago we played together on a festival along with Sodom, Immortal, Motorhead, Satyricon, etc. Played some year ago on another Slovenian festival with 1349 and Vendetta. Played along with Zemial too and other not so know bands but still with a such reputation.

Are you or any of the other Bleeding Fist members involved with any other bands or side projects?
2007 we started a new project Morbid Messiah but that all we can say by now and that will sound an old school mix of Venom, Motorhead, Hellhammer as a tribute to the good, old, evil days of real metal.

Tell me about the cover artwork by Sickness 666. How much input did you have on it? Did you ever get to meet the artist?
Sickness666 is a sicko bastard, an amazing artist! He did the work Bestial Kruzifix666ion and he’ll continue to spread the plague on our upcoming mini CD »Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus« – The cover for Bestial Kruzifix666ion was drawn by an our idea of how it should look. We have never meet, hope someday we will – but Singapore is… well, not so near Slovenia…

Do you have any messages for metal fans here in the Los Angeles area?
Hope to crush some stages in the Los Angeles area soon to meet all of this crazy head-bangers in order to expand the Bleeding Fist Legions… See you in hell…

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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