Falling Awake

Blind by Falling Awake (MuteMouth Records)

I’m a sex fiend, you don’t even know it, you’d don’t even know the monster between the sheets,” are the ominous lines vocalist Richie Dandan sings on opening cut A Ceremony For Myself – instantly grabbing the listener’s attention. And throughout the six songs found within their EP Blind, the super infectious alternative rock never lets up – always maintaining a vision and clarity reminiscent of classic acts such as Jimmy Eat World and The Starting Line. Based out of Orange, CA, Falling Awake definitely has the talent and the tunes to back it up, and judging by what’s heard on Blind, it won’t be long until all musical types will be looking into what this collective has to offer.

The aforementioned A Ceremony For Myself kicks off the recording on a moody note followed by the punchy yet introspective meanderings of the title cut Blind. And if you thought only black metal bands sang about the legendary vampire countess, Falling Awake contributes their own interesting take into the legend of Mrs. Bathory. Not Cradle Of Filth style here, but a pop-rocking tune that will jangle within your head for the ages to come – featuring rather subtle yet imaginative prose.

Devil’s Roulette continues to show just how resourceful Falling Awake is in both the music and lyrical department, with the “I’ll stomp you out like a cigarette, you’re not the best it’s gonna get” very significant to anyone ending a bad relationship. Fool’s Gold is a swirling gem of a track that will make you want to jump on your feet and dance with it’s striking “turn around, turn around and tell me what this is all about” chorus.

The very best is saved for last when Falling Awake’s should-be hit single Carolina arrives, with a refrain that will be jangling in your head long after the disc spins to its glorious conclusion.

The Falling Awake lineup is the epitome of  pop perfection, featuring the participation of Richie Dandan on vocals, Adam Brown on guitar, Alex Hamilton on bass, Jonathan Haggerty on guitar, and Jeremy Hilliard on drums. In a perfect world, a band like Falling Awake would be playing the entire Warped Tour, making a good deal of fans and friends along the way. A refreshing blast of tunes to be sure, Blind by Falling Awake is a grand prologue for what is sure to be an exciting, eye-opening musical venture for these spirited Southern California musicians. Highly recommended!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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