blüm at The Whisky

Alex Mendoza of blüm at The Whisky

blüm, The Whisky, December 23, 2016

Even right before the commencement of the holiday season, the Sunset Strip is thriving with bands ready to spread rock and roll cheer to those brave enough to venture out on what would soon be a cold and rainy night in L.A. The notorious Hookers and Blow were unveiling their own wicked brand of Christmas goodwill, featuring the participation of the one and only Dizzy Reed of Gun ‘N Roses. Local favorites Se7en Reasons Why were also in the house, thrilling the Whisky attendees with their own dynamic brand of punk rock and roll. Opening the show on a wildly energetic note was blüm, a new collective from the Los Angeles/La Mirada area who definitely had the early arrivals paying a good amount of attention.

One notices right away the various influences each member brings to the band – some have even appeared in metal bands at the Whisky in prior years. But those expecting to head bang were instead presenting with an exhilarating collection of timeless tunes that could have emerged from the glory days of 60’s or 70’s. Opening with the stunning reverberations of Higher, blüm was clearly aiming for a sound that was truly adventurous. Lead vocalist Alex Mendoza was all over the stage, conveying the lyrics with a grand amount of passion and conviction – bringing a fierce aggression that was exciting to witness. Ricky Lopez unveiled imaginative psychedelic renderings on lead guitar while bassist Skyler Farr supplied a pulsating low end that really enhanced the material. And then there’s Gary Lee Maluzenko Jr on drums, bringing it all home with skill and precision,

Especially impressive were Lost and White Witch, demonstrating just how persuasive and exhilarating the blüm sound can be. Retro enough for your parents to enjoy yet indie enough for the Coachella crowd to take notice, there is something within the blüm experience for everyone. Stay tuned as 2017 may turn out to be a fascinating year for the resourceful musicians of blüm.

(Review by Ken Morton – Photo by Jack Lue)

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