The Bobbleheads

M CLASS byThe Bobbleheads (PopPop Records)

With all ready having them selves an establish Debut CD done, this is the bands second EP since that first release. Lead vocalist John Ashfield has released some solo CD material, but this is something brand new from the three piece group from San Francisco.

Explosive bouncy garage pop is what this band is known for. This time around it is well produced and arranged well. I think if The Bobbleheads took the Ep from last year, Two Guitars Open Fire, and put them together as a whole album with an additional couple of tracks with this new EP, it would be an outstanding album. The Artwork is simple and the music is as well. So listening to this band for the fun of it is great.

This Bubblegum pop trio bring you rounds of catchy riffs and fun clapping snapping rock. The blend of great production and bubblegum sensibilities, has planted the Bobbleheads firmly on an unique garage level unit for several years. However, using a more glee-club vocals and technical high proficiency proliferate this short but sweet 5 song EP to a more commercial production sound. The band is exploring alternative methods of the music business, releasing this as the seconds of a few EP’s, rather than a traditional full length CD.

Recorded by Chris Xefos (King Missile, Moth Wranglers) in San Francisco. With this release the idea was to take you onto a journey, or at least to invite you to come on a journey. This is achieved really well. We as a collective for the most part are the M Class. And through Time we all grow through together the regular ups and downs of richness and being poor. So If You Broke The Old One of anyting it’s time to move forward anyways and let that just be. So Are you Coming Now on the journey with the fun pop of the Bobbleheads leading the way? I know I’m ready for a great fun ride and I know we all need this.

(Review by Jonathan D. Wright)

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