Bogan Via’s “TES” Premiered on Prefix

Photo Credit: Esther Martinez

Bret Bender and Madeleine Miller are the Phoenix, AZ indie-pop duo Bogan Via. The two met and started making music together just over a year ago. In that time, they self-recorded and released a 5-song EP that garnered them considerable blog attention. With the buzz surrounding the EP and their local live shows, Bogan Via quickly caught the attention of local label Common Wall Media. In fact, label owner, Chuckie Duff (Dear and the Headlights), offered them a recording contract within a few days of first hearing the standout EP track, “Copy and Paste”. Home to other independent Arizona bands, Gospel Claws and Snake! Snake! Snakes!, Common Wall Media seemed like a natural choice for Bogan Via.

Shortly after signing with Common Wall, Bret and Madeleine started working with producer Bob Hoag (The Format, Joel Plaskett, Black Carl) at Flying Blanket Recording on recording a handful of new songs as well as re-recording some tracks from the original EP. The result of those sessions is the forthcoming EP Wait Up, which is scheduled to be released on October 29th by Common Wall. Prior to the EP release, local AZ promoter Jeremiah Gratza will be releasing a one of the songs, “TES”, on 7” baby pink vinyl with a remix by Miniature Tigers as the B-side via his newly formed President Gator 7” label. A few other remixes are in the works that will be announced shortly and made available as promotional MP3s.

Along with recording and preparing for the release of their new EP, Bogan Via have stayed busy playing bigger and bigger live shows in Phoenix, including opening for national acts like Twin Shadow and White Arrows. Also in the works is a soon to be premiered video for “Afternoon Wonderland”, one of the songs from the original EP that was re-recorded for Wait Up.


Wait Up
Release Date: October 29, 2012

1. Wait Up
2. Copy and Paste
3. Manny
4. TES
5. Afternoon Wonderland
6. Kanye
Mp3 Link:


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