Beyond Our Skies

Vessels EP by Beyond Our Skies (Self-released EP)

With a dazzling mixture of metalcore, screamo, and electronic interludes, Beyond Our Skies from Moore, Oklahoma present songs that are soaring in scope. Definitely an ambitious undertaking for an unsigned band, the compositions found within the Vessels EP are adventurous to behold, with a full on presentation that is absolutely exhilarating.

Kicking off with a haunting piano interlude, the disc slams into hypersonic gear with the thrilling strains of FLDSMDFR. The listener find themselves further hooked with the devastating reveries of Beyond Our Skies when Everyone’s An Orphan In Zombieland commences.

You Should Call Me A Space Ranger starts off with techno beats before blasting off with powerful breakdowns and impassioned vocal inflections. There’s No John Here is infectious yet brutal, with heroic guitar interludes and a slamming melody.

And then closing out the disc is a rapturous combination of dance beats and extreme metal inflections with I Open At The Close. The five songs presented within the Vessels EP are sure to entrance all into such entities as Abandon All Ships, We Came As Romans, and even Underoath.

The resourceful Beyond Our Skies lineup consists of Codey Wayne on clean vocals, Ian Harms on screaming vocals, Jakob Meyer on guitar and programming, Michael Bauer on guitar and screaming vocals, Braden Crumly on bass, Ian Karasek on drums, and Matt Nguyen on keys, synth and screaming vocals. With recordings as impressive as what’s heard on the Vessels EP, expect Beyond Our Skies to land themselves a label deal in no time at all.  Skillfully produced by their guitarist Jakob Meyer at Intellect Studios.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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