In Dying Arms

Boundaries by In Dying Arms (Artery Recordings)

Before joining within the ranks of Artery Recordings, In Dying Arms released two sonic assaults on Matchless Records, clearly indicating an extreme band on the verge of breaking out into the big leagues. Boundaries is more than a promised fulfilled, a ten-song magnum opus where extreme metal and deathcore fearlessly collide, causing a musical explosion of epic proportions. While metalcore is certainly all the rage these days, In Dying Arms present a collection of songs so heavy and ambitious, they are very likely to possess staying power long after the genre ceases to exist. This Baltimore, MD-based collective are sure to thrill the senses of all whom encounter their super intensive reveries.

In Dying Arms slams the listener in the head right away with the ferocious opening track Second Best, exuding haunting guitar work, a heavier than hell rhythm section, and impassioned screamed and clean vocals that will make you prick up your ears and take heed. Running Out Of Time then commences with a stark sense of urgency, and a catchy lyric “It doesn’t hurt just to run away,” that will reverberate within your head for ages.

The Core Of My Existence is absolutely staggering in scope, a profound composition that will thrill the senses and should be a standout when performed live. Bathed In Salt then scorches up the speakers, featuring a guest appearance by none other than Fronz from the mighty Attila.

Horizons is both atmospheric and devastating, a triumph that should send hardcore slam pits into sonic overdrive all across the nation. Blind To The Truth once again shows off the especially impressive and atmospheric guitar work that is sure to become the band’s trademark, as well as crushing breakdowns along with the intoxicating, “I can’t breathe” refrains.

My Rise And Fall clearly cements the fact that a band could be wondrously melodic and still destroy everything in its path. Dominus simply declares war on the dance floor with its all out heaviness while GOREgeous is a frightening little ditty that is sure to grind through your psyche.

Boundaries closing out with the haunting 11-11, featuring a powerful clean vocal that is just as effective as any screamed passage. “I can’t take back the things I’ve done. All I can do is take the bullets out that gun,” vocals Orion Stephens sings with a stunning sense of fervor before exploding into the most impassioned of screams. A grand slam, thoroughly heartfelt conclusion to be sure!

The dual guitarists in the band perform with a grand degree of skill and imagination, extra credit going to Justin Enriquez and John “Walter” Myers. The rhythm section is extremely tight and potent, featuring Terence Bright on bass and Alvin Richardson on drums. The charismatic Orion Stephens is a tremendous front man, demonstrating a remarkable amount of passion and conviction whether he’s performing the most guttural of screams or the serene yet emotive clean vocals. The album was produced to utter perfection by Stephen Hawks, whose credits include Chelsea Grin, Attila, and Closure in Moscow. Boundaries is a definitive achievement for a band well on their way towards the top of the metal heap. Highly recommended!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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