Boy Jumps Ship

Boy Jumps Ship by Boy Jumps Ship (Self-released EP)

“These are trying times for the weak at heart,” goes the striking sing-a-long chorus of Backstays And Halyards – probably one of the best anthem-like pop songs you’ll hear this year. The collective responsible for the sentiment is Boy Jumps Ship, a new collective from Newcastle in the Northeast United Kingdom. Fans of Jimmy Eat World and Taking Back Sunday are sure to discover a brand new favorite when encountering what Boy Jumps Ship has to offer. If this three-song EP is any indication of things to come, expect peeps from all across the universe to jump overboard in admiration of these talented guys!

The aforementioned Backstays and Halyards opens the self-titled EP, with Boy Jumps Ship instantly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with. This one should be all over the radio airwaves if there is to be any justice at all in this fickle music biz.

Next up is Good Ol’ Sin City, a blasting power pop rocker that further shows how gifted and resourceful this young band is. And the end of the recording arrives way too soon, with A Wilmington Dream showing a powerful sense of strength and urgency in both the melodic and lyrical departments.

Impassioned and energetic, filled with big soaring choruses, the three songs found on the self-titled EP presents a grand introduction to a band that should have a glorious future ahead of them.

The Boy Jumps Ship lineup consists of Si Todd on vocals and guitar, Jonathan Douglas on guitar and vocals, Jonny Rob on bass and vocals, and Gav Gates on drums and vocals. Definitely a band with a whole lot to say, it will be exciting to see what the future has in store for these gifted musicians. Stay tuned…

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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  1. Becca Coates 8 years ago

    OMFG!! I love them!! – I love them! Nice to have a new awesome Geordie Rock band!! Yeeeyyyy!!!!

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